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Monday, September 16, 2013

Gone to the mountains.

This past weekend was a wonderfully refreshing one. On Friday, I headed to the mountains -- Jiminy Peak, where Bridget's cousin has a condo -- with four great friends. It was tons of fun!

Saturday morning, Bridget and I got up and went for a 6 mile, very hilly run. Then the five of us went out to lunch and took a ride on the scenic chair lift to the top of the mountain.

Here we are -- all smiles! -- riding up to the top:

Made it! It was such a pretty view, even though it was freezing and cloudy up there:

Kara, me, Janis, Lisa, Bridget

The rest of the day was filled with relaxing, laughing, eating, drinking and just and overall vibe of fun.

Oh, and a flat tire.


After the ride to the top of the mountain, we drove over to the little store and when we got there someone told us that my front right tire was flat. I went outside to check it out and, yup, totally flat. We had no idea!

So, there was some flat tire hoopla that turned out fine in the end but forced us to bag our plan to drive into Williamstown for dinner. Instead, we stayed put at the condo and chowed down on our snack food.

Sunday morning I went out for a solo  run that was just what I needed after a night of fun.

It was a super-duper time!

Now, I've got to get on with the week and it will be a busy one at that. Thanks for stopping by -- have a great week!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mileage creep.

My mileage is slowly creeping up to where I'd like it to be. What a relief. Although, at this point in my half marathon training, I would like my long runs to be in double digits. But, they are not. Not yet, anyway, and I'm OK with that.

I'm running the runs I can run.

And this past week was a week where I had to give up on a few of those runs. You see, I was knocked out by a nasty bout of food poisoning. It was truly, truly awful. What's worse is that my whole family -- Owen, the boys, my parents, my brother and his (very-pregnant-ready-to-give-birth-any-day-now) wife, and my other brother and his girlfriend -- all had it. Yeah. And guess who made the dinner that got them all sick? Yup, yours truly.


So, Monday and Tuesday were spent dealing with a terribly unpleasant little illness and running was the last thing I wanted to do. But Wednesday, when Owen was still home from work because he hadn't recovered, I was back and I had a super-duper outdoor run.

Man, was that a good run! I'm sure a big part of why it was so good was that I was finally feeling like I was back among the living. Still, I can appreciate a good run for what it is. And that was one.

On Thursday I hit the treadmill for an interval workout. I warmed up for about 10 or so minutes and then ran 14 x 30 seconds @ 5K pace / 90 seconds slow. Then I cooled down. I pushed myself to finish the last 4 under 5K pace and I'm glad I did! Speeding up on tired legs is always good preparation for race day.

Today was my long run. My solo long run.

8 chilly and hilly miles on slick roads. I took it easy and ran around 9:30 miles for the first 6 miles then I dropped down to 9:00 pace for mile 7 and 8:05 for mile 8.

Quality miles. 

So what if I'm not up over 10 yet? I will be, soon enough. I still have two months before the half marathon. I'll be ready!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sandy Hook 5K race report.

Remember when I wrote about reflecting some light?

At the time, I didn't know what to do, could barely think about what to say about the tragedy in Sandy Hook. All I could think was that it was our responsibility -- everyone's responsibility -- to be a little better, to reflect some light into the darkness.

There have been countless examples of people doing just that -- helping others, doing anonymous good deeds.

And another: Groups of runners, running in honor of the lives lost and in support of the lives left behind.

All of those children. And those adults who were entrusted with their care. All of those lives.


On Saturday, this group of women ran in honor of those lives:

We ran in my neighborhood, my hilly, hilly, hilly neighborhood. Yes, I think my friends cursed me a little as they were plugging away up my hills. But, hills make you stronger!

And, anyway, this race wasn't about time. It was about reflecting some light. And I am proud that I was part of it.

We ran the 5K as part of Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Virtual Half Marathon and 5K. Awesome runner and blogger Beth Shaw created the event and it took off, with thousands of runners donating $20 to a dedicated United Way fund and running their miles for Sandy Hook.

Last I read, 2000 runners had registered. Go, runners!

It was a great morning with a special group of women, all running for good. 
I loved it.

Hope you had a great weekend!

~ Felice

Monday, October 22, 2012

Such good fortune.

I'm very fortunate -- for many reasons -- and I was reminded of a major one this weekend: My friends.

I have some super wonderful friends and this past weekend we all went away together. It was great fun. Great, great fun.

We spent Friday night in, and then hit the little town on Saturday for some walking around and shopping:

Bridget and me taking a break outside a shop.

We let loose on Saturday night. Everyone got dressed up and then we went out to dinner and to a gasp! nightclub. Well, a pizza nightclub -- pizza parlor by day, bar-with-a-dance-floor by night. 

That's me with Noelle before heading out for the night.

And me with Gina at the Irish bar.

Last stop was the pizza nightclub: Monique, Lisa, me, Stacey, Gina and Noelle in the back row. Janis, Jen and Karyn in the middle. Kara and Bridget in front.

Pizza nightclub. No lie. It was a tad strange but it worked. There weren't many options in the tiny town where we were staying so we went with it. It didn't much matter where we went, honestly, because we were going to have a good time no matter what. And we did.

Not that I forget very often, but this weekend reminded me that I'm really fortunate to have these awesome friends. I love them all!

And, if you're wondering, yes. I ran. Just a 4 miler on Saturday but they were 4 incredibly hilly miles and they were covered with friends so it was a terrific run. 

Now, I'm all about catching up with home and running and non-junk food eating! In other words, I need to recover from the weekend :-)

Thanks for stopping by -- have a good week!

~ Felice

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Runner gets sponsored!

I have been meaning to make this announcement for a few weeks now but I was a bit distracted with the marathon and all of the catch up afterward. Life always seems to get in the way -- even when you have such exciting news!

Yes, exciting news!!

My news? Well, yay for me -- I was chosen to receive a CLIF Ambassador Sponsorship for 2012! Yup, I'm now a CLIF Ambassador. This is the first year of the CLIF Ambassador sponsored athlete program and I'm proud to be a part of it! The CLIF Ambassador sponsorship is for trainers and active enthusiasts who are focused on training others and promoting a healthy lifestyle, and who have a strong passion for their sport.

As part of the program, I'll race and train in CLIF gear. Remember these photos?

That's me sporting my CLIF gear after a run. I'll be out and about in my gear a lot this year. Be on the look-out :-)

I'm also stocked to the gills with CLIF samples.

Right now, I am absolutely in love with the Blueberry Crisp bars. In love! Fortunately, I'm meant to share the bars (CLIF bars and their new protein-rich Builder's Bars) with others. So I'll be spreading the word about CLIF goodness and giving out samples during training runs and at races.

Here's some information on CLIF:

CLIF BarsCLIF Bars are 70% organic and come loaded with 23 vitamins and minerals, which makes them the ideal nutrition for athletes. Whether you're riding your bike or exploring a new trail, CLIF bar is crafted to sustain energy for your next adventure.
CLIF Builder's BarsCLIF Builder's bar is the protein bar that works as hard as you do. We only use ingredients that help to build and repair muscle - so you can get the most out of your workout. Builder's is crafted with the best carbohydrates and protein, and no hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or GMOs.

Questions about the CLIF products? Let me know!

Big things are happening here in Happy Runner-ville! I'm excited about it all -- especially my new association with CLIF! I hope you'll stick around to enjoy the fun with me!

~ Felice

Friday, August 5, 2011


Yes, indeed. Wednesday's run was just what I needed.

After that tough 12-miler on Monday, I did some cross-training on Tuesday and had an easy run on the schedule for Wednesday. I needed the run to be good. I didn't want to have to slog through some miles feeling tired. I wanted to recharge my run and make sure that the 12-miler wasn't ushering in any sort of slump.

Well, if a recharge was what I wanted, a recharge was what I got thanks to my pals Karyn and Danielle.

I haven't run with a friend in over a month so it was a treat to run with two friends. And the best was that they came to me and ran in my hilly 'hood! Thanks, ladies! You rocked that run!

An easy 4-miler made easier by company. Love it. Now, my mindset has been reset: Bring on tomorrow's long run!

Last night the recharge continued as I enjoyed margaritas with three good girlfriends. OK, Bridget and I enjoyed the margaritas, our girls Janis and Monique stuck with the Coronas. But they still had the spirit. Summer laughs. Summer fun.

That recharging run and night out were pretty important this week -- not just because of my cruddy run on Monday. My boys are still both suffering from this summer cold. Boo! Hiss! Day 5 today. Not a lot of fun in that. I'm hoping they turn the corner for real this weekend.

*     *     *

On a somewhat related, but not quite, note . . . I was invited to try out Recharge Natural Sports Drink Mix recently.

It's good! They use dehydrated fruit juice concentrate and other all-natural ingredients to make the powder and don't add any sugar (each tube of the powdered mix is only 10 calories). The sports drink is designed to replace vitamins and electrolytes lost while exercising.

When I use a sports drink, though, I look for a little more sodium than what is in Recharge because I'm a super salty sweater. So, I probably wouldn't use Recharge during a run but I have enjoyed drinking it earlier in the day before a tough run. And, my 4-year old loves the stuff. I try to keep him away from juice but I couldn't say no to him when he begged to try the stuff. He gave it two thumbs-up.

You can visit the web site HERE for more information.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. I've got a fast run on the schedule tonight, long tomorrow and a (yay!) dinner party tomorrow night.

And, oh yeah, an anniversary on Sunday!

Keep cool --

~ Felice

Review disclosure: I was sent samples of Recharge to review. I was not otherwise compensated and the opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Full and fun.

Warm spring weeks rule. They're just the best!

Between packing in work (I finished four chapters on my book project -- I'm rolling!), running alone, running with friends (another fun run last night, this time with Bridget!), a girls night out (woo hoo!), laundry, cleaning, etc., etc., this week was also prime-time for . . .

picnics in the driveway . . .

goofing around . . .

mowing the lawn . . .

gardening . . .

and the always fun trick of running away from Mom!

What a fun week! Conal loves being outside and can you blame him? The sunshine, the fresh air . . . it feels wonderful.

We're off to the park today for some play with friends and then to Columbia U tomorrow to watch a niece play one of her last college lacrosse games. Go, Delia! And, without fail, I will be sending tons of good running vibes to my running pal Amanda, who is running the More Half-marathon in NYC (her 2nd half in five weeks). Go, Amanda!

I also hope to have time for one more run this week. That would be the icing on the cake.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~ Felice

Monday, March 22, 2010

5 miles away.

On Saturday, I ran . . .

  • 5 miles away from the stuffy head that threatened to explode into a full-blown cold;
  • 5 miles away from the fritzy computer that makes me want to kick it around the yard, Office space style;
  • 5 miles away from the afternoon pregnancy fatigue that really needs to go away already;
  • 5 miles away from the blahs;
  • 5 miles away from that annoying voice that says, "You can't do it";
  • 5 miles away from responsibilities and to-do lists;
  • 5 miles toward a better me.
Where did you run this weekend?

Have a great week!

~ Felice

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy and proud.

So, some days you feel fine. Some days you feel blah. Other days, you feel awesome because things like this happen:

A friend has decided to take up running. She's going to train with my little running group for the Freihofer's Run for Women, which will be her first race. Our first training session is Sunday 3/14 but this friend is already all into it.

We were out last night and at one point she leaned over to me and said, "I ran for 11 minutes!" She told me how she was walking as a warm-up and then running for two minutes, walking for one. She's never been much for running but in a short period, she has built up to 11 minutes. She was happy and proud and I felt so happy and proud for her!

We talked about running gear and gradually extending her runs and how I'm convinced she'll start to love running outdoors more than running on the treadmill.

It was just . . . just great. It made me feel excited to see a friend become excited about running. Whenever any of my friends or acquaintances take up running, I remember what it was like when running was new to me. Starting something new, taking on a new challenge -- those can be tough things to do. I'm inspired by people who step up to the challenges that can change their lives, in ways small or large.

I can't wait for the running group to start. I can't wait to watch the runners accomplish what they may not have thought they ever could, whether they are attempting to run for the first time or seeking a better race time. These mamas are going to do it!

This is going to be good.

Enjoy the rest of the day, everyone!

~ Felice

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not even close to a running post.

Unless you count the tagline, "America Runs on Dunkin'" this is far from a running post. But hear me out.

I had the best morning. Since this was the day after a rotten morning, I needed it. I had nothing on the schedule (a good thing, after a few full days) so I decided Conal and I would take our time in the morning, get in some quality play and then head out to run some errands.

Our first stop was Dunkin' Donuts. We don't normally go to Dunkin' Donuts, especially just on a regular day, but two things drove me to go there: We were out of coffee (and I needed a cup, desperately) and Conal needed something special.

I got a medium black coffee and a glazed donut. Conal choose the chocolate frosted donut with the fancy sprinkles. We sat at a table and indulged in our sweet treats. And they were delicious.

Through lips covered in chocolate and rouge sprinkles, Conal thanked me and told me his donut was so, so good. "This a good treat, Mama."

I don't know, but I almost started to cry. It was just a little outing to the "donut store," as Conal calls it, but it was a big deal. A treat. There will come a day when he probably won't want to hang with his geeky mom and frosted donuts won't seem to be anything special. Today wasn't that day. And I loved it.

~ Felice

Saturday, February 27, 2010

When is the flu not the flu?

Last night, I was lying on the couch, watching Night #I've-Lost-Track of the Olympics when I started feeling a little cruddy. My back was achy and my shoulders felt tight. My arms were sore and my legs felt heavy.

Body aches, I thought. Must be the flu!

This late in the season? Could it really be that I survived until now -- the end of February -- with barely a cold and now -- now -- I get hit with the flu?

I moaned. And groaned. And felt sorry for myself and made the husband feel sorry for me, too. I was convinced that my fun weekend plans were doomed. I was bummed.

And then it hit me. That pain across my shoulders was familiar, but not from memories of influenzas past. No, that pain was the familiar muscle soreness that follows weight-lifting sessions.

Oh, yeah! I cross-trained on Thursday!

Well, duh. So it wasn't the flu after all. Body aches, yes, but more like delayed onset muscle soreness from a good workout. I guess that's what happens when you have too much time off between cross-training sessions!

So, I'm still flu-free. Bring on the rest of the weekend! Hope yours is a good one!

~ Felice

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So once I sent that little cold packing, it up and left for real. I'm back to 100%. I guess I get better quickly because I run!

Maybe yes, maybe no. I'm not ready to give running all the credit. I'm just glad I'm back in healthy-ville and I celebrated with an evening run last night. Isn't that what everyone does when they shake a cold? Celebrate with a run? In the cold? And the dark? Well, it should be!

It was a good run. I ran a bit slower than I would have liked but no biggie.

So last night's run isn't really the point of this post. The point is that my cold made me feel old and made me think about what it would be like not to run. What a bummer that would be. Then I read an old issue of Runner's World on Monday (does anyone else hoard old issues?) and there was a little sidebar about this 41-year-old mom whose best time in some distance (can't remember which one) was only a few seconds off her time from when she was an All-American in college.

How flippin' cool, I thought. That is so going to be me. Only -- ha, ha, ha, and this is the kicker -- my times are going to be better than when I was a youthful collegian. OK, that's not exactly fair, considering I never raced back then. But, if I had, I would have been slower than I am now! For sure! And when I did start running races? Back in my early(ish) 20s? Slow, people. I was slow. I totally beat those times now.

What's my point? I don't know. I'm just not going to hang it up because I'm getting older. I guess that's my point. Two days off of running because of a cold, thinking about life without running . . . well, that steeled my resolve to continue to run smartly and, most of all, to run my own race. To run the mile I'm in, both figuratively and literally. To heed my own advice whenever possible. I don't want to ever not run so I'll do all that it takes to always run.

Wow, I'm such a rambler today. Thanks for sticking with me . . .

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Go celebrate with a run :-)

~ Felice

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Made it so.

Why yesterday's run was better than Tuesday's (air-sucking) run:

  1. It was outdoors. With a strong wind in my face almost the entire time but, no matter. It was outdoors.
  2. I had eaten a good lunch and afternoon snack so I had plenty of energy.
  3. Owen got home from work at 5:25 and I was out the door by 5:28, so it was still light when I started and I could watch the last bit of the sunset.
  4. Once it was dark, my headlamp lit my way and, for some reason, I was mesmerized by the way my breath looked in the light.
  5. My pace was mine based on how I felt at the moment, not a pre-set number on the treadmill.
  6. Did I mention the run was outdoors?
  7. I had been looking forward to my evening run all day long. Seriously. All day long.
  8. I said it would be better and therefore it was. I made it so.
Frame of mind is where it's at, huh? Yeah, I think so too. It's a lesson to learn over and over again: The mind plays a huge role in your success as a runner. Huge role.

Happy Thursday, everyone! It's the last day of my cereal giveaway here. And, I have a book giveaway going on, too.

~ Felice

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh, outdoor run, how I missed you.

When you don't run for a bit, you miss it. And when your first run back is a treadmill run, you appreciate the run but wish it was taking place outdoors. But then, when you finally get that coveted outdoor run, you don't just appreciate it, you fall in love all over again.

With every step of my 5-miler yesterday I did just that.

Running, I love you. Running, I love you. Running, I love you.

Does it ever get old? Does running ever stop wanting to hear how loved it is? Dunno. And don't plan to find out.

All I know is that my run rocked, although it was nothing special. It was just my first outdoor run after my brief time off and I loved it.

Running, I love you. Running, I love you. Running, I love you.

In other news, my breakfast giveaway is going on over here.

Have a great week, everyone! Run on!

~ Felice

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy on a Monday.

Lovely Aron at Runner's Rambles tagged me to write 10 things that make me happy. Thanks, Aron! Not only is it a fun exercise but it gives me something to post about ;-) Ha!

I've decided to list 10 running-related things that make me happy. So, here goes:

  1. My hilly neighborhood. I love that I can walk out my front door and go for a peaceful 5 mile run -- hills and all -- and never be too far from home. It's comforting. Sure, I sometimes enjoy running other routes, but my neighborhood one is perfect for me.
  2. When Conal asks me if I'm going running. OK, OK, most of the things that my little toddler does make me happy (the now-infrequent tantrums excluded!), but when he shows that he is into my running, that makes me happier than happy.
  3. My favorite running shorts. They are a sassy dark pink. They fit perfectly. They were $4.98 at Target. Happiness all around!
  4. My Craisin and almond post-run snack. Protein. Carbs. Vitamin C. Yum! My post-run handful of Craisins and almonds is a favorite treat.
  5. The way I feel after crossing the finish line. Strong race or not, crossing the line indicates that I've worked hard and finished what I've started. That is one satisfying feeling.
  6. Marathon telecasts. Why aren't more marathons on TV? I would watch every weekend, honestly. And, yes, I like to watch the whole race, not just the last few miles. I'm a fan!
  7. Running blogs! Oh, my. Yes. I am an addict. I love reading about running and I love learning from my fellow running bloggers.
  8. Brooks. I have been a loyal Brooks running shoe gal for over seven years and I don't know if I'll ever change. They work for me and make me happy!
  9. New gear. If I could, I would buy running gear all the time. And then I would end up in the poor house. Right now, I'm digging my Garmin Forerunner and my awesome turquoise running bra. The bra and I have been together for only two runs, but it is love.
  10. Feeling strong. When I run, I feel strong. When I set a PR, run with vigor up a hill, nail my speed work, or tackle a new distance, I feel even stronger. Running really lifts me up, making me happier with every step!
If you haven't made a happy list yet, try it out. Happy Monday, everyone!

~ Felice

PS: My Darn Tough socks review and giveaway is up at my other site. Yay!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing but thanks.

Can't tell you how much I greatly appreciate all of your kind words and wishes over the past two days. You're all terrific and you've helped buoy my spirits and keep me on the positive side of things! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Not much else to report from Happy Runner-ville. I have a giveaway ending tonight at midnight EST (here) and I'm pleased to report that the super cold temperatures I've (almost) gotten used to have climbed out of the single digits and into the 30s (!). Very, very nice.

Oh! And there's a snowshoe race that I hope some local runners might consider checking out. I wrote about it here.

Well, that's it for me. Over and out.

~ Felice

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Only because I *really* need it . . .

I don't write too much about personal stuff on this blog, preferring to stick mostly to running and running-related things. But, today, I'm veering.

I have some stuff going on and tomorrow morning I could use some good vibes. Do you have any to spare? Can you send them my way? Your good vibes, your well wishes, your happy thoughts . . . I could use any and all of them.

Cryptic? Yes, I know and I know how annoying that can be. Suffice it to say that I wouldn't ask if there wasn't a need. And since there is a need, I'm asking. And thanking. I always appreciate my bloggy buddies and will appreciate whatever good vibes you can send my way!

* * *

OK, now that that's done, what of the running? Ha. My hamstring felt a little stiff today so I decided to loosen it up with an easy treadmill run. I slogged my way through 3 miles and that's about all I could do. My hamstring feels a lot looser and better after the run but I just couldn't handle too much more on the 'mill. Plus my son had an "accident" and needed an underpants -- and regular pants -- change so 3 miles seemed like a good time to stop.

Not sure how much I'll be blogging in the next few days. So, I'll wish you all a great week! Oh, and don't forget to check out my giveaway if you're interested in entering to win some natural shielding lotion.

Thanks for reading!

~ Felice

Monday, January 11, 2010

HMRRC Winter Series 10K race report

Alternatively titled: Running with others is good for the soul.

When I woke up on Sunday, the thermometer outside my bedroom window read -2. I'm going to run in this? So I went downstairs and looked at the thermometer outside the kitchen window: 3 degrees. Just like that I had gained five degrees!

Still, it was cold. I bundled up, basing my attire on what I had worn for Saturday's chilly run, and left for the local road runners club race. Driving into Albany, the big billboard that has the time and temperature said it was 4 degrees. Brr!

The HMRRC Winter Series races are held every other week (or thereabout), starting in December and ending with the Winter Marathon and Marathon Relay (which I'm running with Amanda and Suzy) in February. Sunday offered a 5k, 10k and a 25k. At first, I signed up for the 5k but then decided that if I was going to get out there in the cold, I was going to run 10k. And so I did.

But first, I had to meet up with Suzy and Amanda! Now, if you will recall, Suzy is the blogger that I barged in on back in October. So, I had already met her, but I hadn't met Amanda. Well, as I was waffling over which distance to run, I saw Amanda signing up for the 5k and Suzy volunteering at the sign up.

We all chatted like old friends, signed our marathon relay form (woo hoo!) and then Suzy snapped this photo of Amanda and me:

Notice our rocking color coordination! I should have taken off my jacket and then we really would have been some Pinkies!

Anyway . . . the race.

I forgot my Garmin. At first, I was bummed. How was I going to know how I was running (this no-frills race series doesn't offer mile splits or markers of any sort)? Well, I wasn't. I just wouldn't be able to know. Instead, I would have to run by feel. And that's what I did. I just went out there and ran. I ran and ran. Not my fastest, not my slowest. I just ran.

It was terrific!

At one point, an older man ran up beside me and said we'd just crossed mile 4 in 32:46. I thanked him and figured he'd run on. Nope. He stayed with me and we chatted for almost a mile. I never do that. I'm a solo runner! I'm no chatter! Or am I?

The mile that we ran together flew by (or so it seemed) and when he took off I was oddly disappointed that I no longer had anyone to run with. Hmm . . . I kept on running and running and crossed the finish line in 51:24.

I haven't run a 10k in forever so I wasn't sure what to expect. And with the weather -- well, the weather wasn't ideal (officially, 9 degrees at the start) but it didn't stop me. I'm proud of that!

After the race I went back inside and learned that Amanda had set a 5k PR! How cool is that? Super cold day and the girl sets a PR. Rock on!

And what else . . . well, I won a yummy loaf of bread because I was the second place female finisher in my age group (30-39)! Yay!

Here are my stats:

10k time: 51:24 (8:16 pace)
Overall place: 51/105
Female place: 13/42
Age-group place (F30-39): 2

The award was nice and an unexpected bonus. But the best part of the race is that I was buoyed by my running bloggy buddies (just knowing that I was going to meet up with them got me out of the house in the morning, and their wishes of good luck before the race gave me extra pep) and the camaraderie on the course. Since I normally run alone, I've forgotten how wonderful it can be to run with others. It lifts you up. It gives you a feeling of being a part of something, not apart from. Yesterday, that feeling was wonderful. All of us were battling the cold and winning, simply by being out there. We were running together. I loved it.

Ah . . . I feel a little wistful today. I already can't wait for the next race!

I hope you all had a good weekend. Have a great week!

~ Felice

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been jamming a ton of stuff into the last two days including, but not limited to, toilet cleaning, dip making, laundry washing, clothes folding, floor mopping, errand running and lots and lots and lots of coffee drinking.

Now, I'm almost -- almost -- ready to head to Long Island for the Thanksgiving holiday. We leave later this afternoon so I really ought to get packing! And I probably need to fit a shower in at some point, too . . .

In the meantime, since I won't be able to post while I'm away, I wanted to thank each and every one of you who stops by and reads my posts and makes me feel like I'm not quite as nutso as my mother and others would have me believe. (Yes, my mom did express concern that my uterus would fall out when I ran "that marathon.") Your comments and emails and overall support make my day!

Yes, I'm grateful to the running blogging community this Thanksgiving season. I'm also grateful that I have a loving family, some terrific friends and an overall happy, healthy little life. Yay!

So, now I best finish getting ready. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

~ Felice

PS: Remember to enter my bodyshaper giveaway, if you're interested.

And . . . check out some Black Friday deals for runners here and here!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Adirondack weekend.

My weekend away was great. Relaxing. Fun. Full of laughs, food, drinks, and a (very, very) hilly run.

It was something I'd been looking forward to for ages. Some friends and I had talked about doing a "girls weekend" for years and it just never happened. Then, this summer, we talked about it again and, by some stroke of luck, actually made it happen. And I'm so glad it!

There were six of us who left our kids and husbands at home while we enjoyed a perfect fall weekend in the Adirondacks. Two nights for the moms!

We stayed in on Friday, just hanging out. On Saturday, we walked around the village and did some outlet shopping. Like the true moms that we are, we mostly purchased stuff for our kids. I had visions of finding that perfect winter running jacket but instead I found the perfect pea coat for my toddler. That's the way it goes, these days.

That afternoon, I hit the roads for a run!

Although I had wanted to get in an 8-miler, I only managed 5 because the hills wiped me out a bit. Wimp! The views during my run were striking. The leaves, the lake, the mountains . . . all oohs and ahhs. I wish I had been able to capture the beauty a little better, but I was running and the shots were quick.

Here are some views from my run:

I'm glad I made time for the run. After spending Friday night eating, drinking and staying up late and then spending Saturday eating and shopping it would have been easy to bail. And don't think I didn't consider it! But, the runner in me beat out the lounger for an hour Saturday afternoon and I'm happy it did.

That night, we went back in to the village for some yummy Mexican food (and drinks). Here's the group:

A little later, after a few rum-aritas:

See? I wasn't kidding about the laughter -- the weekend had lots of it! To me, that's proof of a good weekend with good friends.

One of the best parts of the weekend, though, was when I got home and Owen told me that he and Conal had an awesome day together on Saturday. I guess it is good for everyone when this mom gets away for a bit!

I hope everyone had a super weekend!

~ Felice

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