Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clove Run race report.

I blame it on a fast mile.

Back in July, I tested out my speed and in addition to a few fast half miles, I ran a pretty speedy mile. 6:44 on legs that were far from 100%.

That mile made me happy. It also made me start to think some things. Like, for example, I might be ready to run a race in August. And I might -- just might -- be able to actually try to push the pace in a race.

Fear of re-injury, though, tended to over-ride those thoughts. I continued to run fairly well, and about two weeks ago I decided I would run one of my favorite local races, the Clove Run.

For the past two years, I've run the 10 mile option (and finished as first female overall in 2011 and second female overall in 2012). This year, I decided to run the 5K.

But, then, well . . . I ran 10 miles with Bridget and Elisa on August 10th and I felt fine. I began to wonder if I should just go for it. And as the week progressed, I scrapped my 5K plans and decided to go for the 10.

I would run it nice and easy.

Except, when race morning came around, I couldn't do it. And, for that, I blame that good ol' fast mile.

At the starting line on Saturday, I changed my mind. I wouldn't run nice and easy. I wanted to know what I had in me -- just like I had wanted to know what I had in me when I ran my mile. So, in the 10 mile Clove Run, I would push it.

My plan, devised about a minute before the start, was to push the pace over the first 3 miles and then see how well I could hang on.

Strong Running Mamas before the race!
I definitely pushed the pace in the beginning, running through the 3 mile mark in 23:29. I felt like I needed to pull back a little after that so I consciously slowed down (it would have happened anyway!) and settled into a steady pace. I ran through the 6 mile mark (which was just a little spray paint on the road) in 48:22 and I started to feel like I'd be able to finish the race with a good time.

The two big hills of the race were still in front of me, though. And my plan was to walk up them. I need to save my hip for the half marathon in October so there was no sense in pushing it up the hills. So, walk I did! Yes, that move slowed me down but that is no big deal in my book.

In the end, I crossed the finish line in 1:24:10, just 2 minutes and 16 seconds slower than last year, and that was when I was healthy and running well!

I was elated. Elated, I tell you! As a bonus, I finished first in my age group. Go me!

With Bridget and Elisa after the race -- Bridget set a 10 minute PR at the race!
Great race.

Now, how did I feel? Well, my hip felt a bit tight in the beginning of the race and I definitely felt it throughout the race. It never felt really bad, but it was just there. To me, that means I need to warm up better before my next race. I ran an easy mile with Elisa before the start, I think I need to supplement that with some more rolling and hot packing.

Afterward, my hip felt a little sore but, again, not terrible. I'm healing, for sure.

One thing that did not feel good was my stomach. I took a gel at mile 5-ish and, yeah, that didn't work out so well. I had a rotten cramp for 3 miles afterward. Yuck. I don't know why I went with the gel since my Paleo diet has been working so well for me. But, I did. Now, though, I need to figure out a better race fuel option.

That will come. Right now, I'm just happy that I ran a strong race!

Here's a breakdown:

Overall time: 1:24:09 (8:25 pace)
Overall finish: 22 out of 82 (small race!)
Age group finish:  1 out of 12

Next up, the Youth Make a Difference 5K on September 7th. Now that I know I can push the pace over a longer distance, I'm ready to drop down to a 5K and get speedy!

Have a great week, everyone!


Amy Lauren said...

That's a really great time for a 10 miler! Congratulations on your finish and your AG award. I'm glad your hip isn't quite as bad and that you're healing, too. Good luck with the 5K, if you can run that fast in a 10 miler you can definitely taper down and run a speedy 5K!

MCM Mama said...

Nicely done! Congrats on a strong race!

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