Monday, August 28, 2017

Back on the Train Gang.

So, last time we chatted I'd just run my first half-marathon in for-evah. It was one of those positive experiences that makes you want more of the same. More half-marathons, please!

But then baseball and end-of-school activities and more baseball and summer break (and all the goodness that goes along with that) took over. Running took a little bit of a back seat and with it, my thoughts of a fall half.

Sure, I'd bandied a few ideas of race weekends with friends but nothing came together.

Until my run in Sacandaga last weekend. Here's a peek at the scenes from that run:

I wanted to run 6. I ran almost 7.5. And I felt terrific, even after sub-par sleep the night before. I mean, super sub-par. The run buoyed me and made me think that, yeah, I can pull out a half-marathon this fall.

And so I decided to go for it. Bridget messaged me that she registered for the Fall Foliage Half Marathon in Rhinebeck on October 15th. Well, me too.

I'm registered. I'm in. I have a plan in place and I'm going for it. Sure, it is a hilly race but I'm a hill runner! I've got this.

My first long run of this training cycle was 9 miles on Saturday. I made sure they were hilly miles :-) and ran them in 1:25 (9:31 pace).

Bring. It. On.

Anyone else training for a half marathon this fall? Or another distance? Let me know!

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