Monday, December 23, 2013


These weeks leading up to Christmas have been packed with delightful days. Not as much running as I would like, but definitely as much fun!

Here's a look at these delightful days of December:

Santa visit at preschool.

Gift from my little guy.

Dancing elf!

Aunt Claire's visit from Chicago!

Shepherds in the Christmas pagaent.

Two gingerbread-house-making parties means we have a gingerbread neighborhood!
Happy boys happily waiting for Christmas day.

And, while I'm at it, I might as well delight in the fact that this weekend I had two great runs. On Saturday, I ran 6 miles with Bridget and we both rocked the capris for our moderately warm first-day-of-winter run. Then, yesterday, the 60 degree temperature called for shorts. Shorts! For a run the second day of winter. In upstate New York! Awesome.

Now, the boys and I are enjoying the holiday break -- kicking off the week with some rollicking indoor hockey.

Thanks for stopping by -- have a great week!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday.

Here he is, my little runner:

I love this picture of my happy little runner!

It was the Candy Cane Kids Run in December 2010. The run took place right before the Jingle Bell Run 5K, which was my first race after Niall was born (8 weeks earlier). Cold day, fun runs.

Can't believe that was 3 years ago, and my little runner was just 3, in his first year or preschool. Now he's 6 and a big first-grader. Time flies.

Yup, it sure does.

Thanks for stopping by -- enjoy the rest of the week!

Monday, December 9, 2013

No worries.

Here's why I should never worry about running and racing:

On Friday, I worried that overnight snow  would wreck my Saturday morning running plans. But the weather people were wrong. We only got a dusting of snow, not the 2-4 inches that had been predicted. I didn't need to worry.

So, I was able to get 7 miles in with Bridget and Elisa. It was a great run, sure, but it also included a little worry. See, earlier in the week we, and our friend Janis, had emailed and talked about spring half marathons. We all wanted to run one but couldn't find one that was going to work with our schedules. We chatted about it on the run, and bemoaned the fact that none of the races were going to work out.

And then, probably 5 miles into the run, we figured it out. It all fell into place. JustLikeThat. We didn't need to worry.

Now, we're all registered:

Boston, here we come!!

I'm so excited to have this race on the schedule. Our friend, and super-awesome runner, Sheila has run this race the past three years and says it is a great one. Can't wait to find out!

The race is in late May, so I have plenty of time to continue with my easy winter running before starting to train in February. Just be prepared: You'll probably be hearing a lot more about this race from me!

Now, tell me:  Have you run Boston's Run to Remember? 
Do you know anyone who has? Have any thoughts or suggestions? 
 I'd love to know!

Thanks for stopping by ------

Friday, December 6, 2013

Four things Friday.

1. The weather this week has been terrific. Yesterday, the high was 52 and I ran in the morning wearing capris and a t-shirt. Glorious!

2. Alas, the warm December is not to last. Tomorrow, we're supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow. Snow! You know what that does to running plans? Well, it complicates them, that's for sure.

3.We have a packed weekend ahead so I'm really hoping that I get that long run in, even with the snow. Maybe the forecast is wrong -- it has happened before, I'm sure it will happen again! Fingers crossed . . .

4. I have to share my Spandits love with you all. Check out my capris:

I'm a headless wonder!
I'm jumping for joy! 

The tights (women's 3/4 tights in hyperspeed) are super cute and super comfy. I love my Spandits -- and I really love that they are made in Maine.

I try to buy US-made products and Spandits makes it easy because their products are high-quality and fun.

So . . . check them out. If you find anything you like, let them know I sent you!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don't quit.

Me? I think this is some pretty good advice:

Could be a good mantra for 2014 . . . don't you think?


Monday, December 2, 2013

November recap.

November was a decent month for me. I ran fairly consistently, although I did have a few glitches in the schedule when my hip injury flared up and when I had to lay low because of some nasty headaches.

I haven't been running all that fast or all that long. Instead, I've kept most of my runs to an easy pace and my distance has topped out at about 6-7 miles. That's right where I want to be now. I'm pleased. At some point, though, I need to get serious again and start thinking about what I want to do in 2014.

Those lyrics give me the racing itch!

Spring marathon? Fall marathon? Neither? Both? And what about those trusty half marathons? And my beloved 5Ks?

I have questions to answer. And time to do it.

Until I do, here's a look at my November:

November stats:

Running (miles): 76.7
Races: none!

Welcome, December! I'm looking forward to more easy miles and maybe, just maybe, a low-key race or two.

Have a great week, everyone!

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