Friday, April 13, 2012

Five things Friday.

1. First and foremost: This is peak week and I love it. My three mid-week runs have been a mix -- a nice easy run on Tuesday, a great speed workout on Wednesday, and a meh kinda crappy run yesterday. I am not worried about the meh run because it happens every once in a while and I'd rather it happen on an easy Thursday run than an important long run. Which is what I have on Sunday -- an important 22 miler! I'm running with Tami and Melissa. 22 miles. I. Can. Not. Wait.

2. Speaking of which, is it slightly nutso to be consistently excited about my 20 milers (and now this 22)?

3. The Boston Marathon is on Monday! I love following the race, tracking runners I know (mostly just virtually), and getting all teary when the winners cross the finish line. This year, the race takes place on Day 1 of this runner's taper. I know it will charge me up and be an energy booster to help get me through the next three weeks.

4. And . . . speaking of the taper . . . I'm not ready! I already feel like I miss my training and I still have my longest run yet to do. What the heck am I going to do once the marathon is over?

5. This just cracks me up:
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.

~ Felice


Quix said...

You are a happier runner than I. I always get to taper time going THANK GOODNESS. :) Enjoy your 22!

macnic said...

Have a great run! Ours is 20 miles this weekend with the taper starting Monday as well.

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