Monday, April 30, 2012

The last long run.

Yesterday was my last long run before the New Jersey Marathon. Which means that, yes, the marathon is less than a week away.


Fortunately, my last long run went well. Even though I was up too late having fun with fab friends on Saturday:

Me, Bridget, Janis and Monique
. . . and then I forgot my Garmin when I went out for the run, it was still good!

I met Melissa, Suzy and Amanda at the bike path early Sunday morning. Melissa and I planned to run with Suzy and Amanda for a few miles and then take on the remaining miles on our own. It was nice to catch up with Suzy and Amanda and we all ran together for about 3 miles. Then Melissa and I turned around and ran the remaining 10 miles together.

I wore the shorts, socks and shoes that I plan to wear for the marathon and they all worked out well. I also made the final decision to carry my handheld water bottle for the marathon -- I know there will be plenty of water stops but I want to be able to take a sip of water whenever I need it.

We took our run nice and easy and it felt so good! We covered our 13 miles in just over 2:04, a 9:33 pace.

Last long run . . . done!

Now, I am resting, hydrating and trying my best to keep the sickies at bay. Yup, that means drinking a lot of this:

Oh, and, yeah. I'm feeling a little nervous already! That's normal . . . right? Please tell me it is!

Have a great week, everyone!

~ Felice


Bill Fine said...

You are SOOOOOO ready for New Jersey......I just wonder if New Jersey is ready for YOU?????

Seriously, though, great idea to bring the handheld....always gives you the option to take a sip whenever you need it.

The week will fly by, and you'll be toeing the line before you know it, and I cannot wait to read your race report!

Have a great week, and a great time in Jersey!!!

Indi said...

You are totally ready!! and its normal for nerves! Its just the excitement of running :) YOU have this! Enjoy race week!

Falon said...

It is totally normal, but you are totally prepared! Excited for the recap already!

macnic said...

Are you also checking the weather every hour? I say normal, but what do I know, my first full is also this coming Sunday.

I DO know that you'll rock it! Can't wait to read all about it!

Kenley said...

I bet the excitement is in the air. I wish you the best for the NJ Marathon. Nice last long run!! I carried a nathan bottle my last marathon and worked out great. i too like to drink when ever I want. Take care and hope all goes well!!!!!!!

onelittletrigirl said...

Enjoy NJ :)

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