Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Focusing on what's wonderful.

Running is wonderful. Even -- perhaps, especially -- amid the awful.

I'm choosing to focus on the wonderful.

My first marathon.

Pre-race with my 2 year old.

Pregnant running.

Racing with my almost 3 year old.

Jingle Bell run with Jen, Bridget and Janis.

Joyful running.

Winter Series with Amanda, Suzy, Janis and Bridget.

Future running buddy for sure!

High-fives from my little guy in the half marathon.

First half marathon with Janis, Bridget and Amanda.

Mother's Day race.

Boilermaker with Elisa and Bridget.

Refreshment after the Schroon Lake half.

More high-fives from my little guy!

Love the NJ Marathon group!!!

Boilermaker with Bridget, Sheila and Amanda.

Strong Running Mamas at the Mohawk-Hudson half marathon.

Finishing the half!

Enjoying the post-race moment with my boys.

Future marathoner?

Strong Running Mamas in NYC -- happy and ready to run.

Still a happy runner.

Still sad about the Boston Marathon bombings.

But still -- always -- a happy runner.


Darlene said...

Me too. Happy to be running again. Happy to have met you. Happy to be part of the SRMs.

Katelyn said...

What a great post and collection of memories. Thanks for the positive entry!

Lori said...

You are so inspiring! Enjoyed the recap. And I feel the same.

The Happy Runner said...

Darlene -- so happy to have met you too :-)

Sarah Kopf said...

Thank you for this post! My gramma always said "Focus on the joy!", so I operate under the same pretense. :)



Running Librarian said...

Keep focusing on the happy! You have a lot of happy :)

Art @ Fit at Fifty said...

Great pictures,
Look like you have fun running.

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