Monday, April 1, 2013

March recap.

March was a full month. First day of spring. My longest treadmill run ever. My longest outdoor run of this training cycle. My first race of the season. Lots of sugar-free experimentation.

Overall, a good month.

I feel like my training for the More/Fitness half marathon in two weeks (gulp!) has gone fairly well. I've gotten in plenty of miles, even when the weather and my body haven't completely cooperated. I've been (knock on wood) healthy and injury free. All good things.

The only bad thing in March was that my treadmill started crapping out at fast-ish speeds. I still haven't had anyone look at it so I'm not sure what is the matter and I need to get on that. Fortunately, it works at regular running speeds so I've been able to use it almost as much as I've needed to.

Anyway, here's a look at the month that was.

Warming up for stroller running!

Runnin' of the Green with Bridget.

Snow at the beginning of the month. 

March stats:

Running (miles): 114.2
Racing: 1, the Runnin' of the Green (Island) 4 miles (not a PR, but a strong race)
Cross training: 8

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone. Hope April is a good month for you!


Running Librarian said...

Glad that March was a great month for you! May April be just as great but with better weather :) And hopefully you won't need that treadmill much :)

Michelle Dragoo said...

looks like a lovely month! YAY!

Art @ Fit at Fifty said...

Looks like you had a good month!
My first marathon of the year is 4/6/2013.

Advocarerunner said...

Just found your blog and love it. Nice mileage for March! :)

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