Friday, October 11, 2013

Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon goals.

It is time to lay it down.

Here we are, two days until race day for the Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon. Two days . . . yikes!

I've been thinking about the race a lot and, of course, one of the biggest things I've been considering is my race goal. I've gone back and forth about my goals (I just want to finish! OK, I want to finish strong! Make that finish under 2 hours. No, just finish with a smile on my face, no pressure!) and now it is time to lay it down, to put it out there.

I want to have an awesome race.

First and foremost. As recently as the end of June, I couldn't run. At all. And, now? Now I'm back at it. I've had a good training cycle, including (yay!) a new 5K PR. But, I've also had some bumps in the running road.

The biggest bump has been getting Lyme disease -- again! -- in September. It has screwed me up but I've been determined not to let it stop my training and general living. Living being pretty important and all. Yes, training is not quite as important but, to me, it kinda is. So, I've kept at it.

And I ran that 5K race to a PR while I was ill so . . . well, so, shouldn't that mean I can run an awesome race on Sunday?

You betcha!

Awesome race, here I come! My time goals are, as always, three-tiered and they look like this:

C goal: 1:52 or better. I ran 1:53 for a 13.1 mile training run two weeks ago so I should be able to achieve this, no problem.

B goal: Beat my More/Fitness Half Marathon time of 1:48:46. 

A goal: My "if the stars align and shine their magical light down upon me" goal is to set a new PR, 1:46:58 or better. Grand goal, I know, but a girl's gotta dream!

Now, I'm off to hydrate, rest and dream. Oh, and figure out what the heck to wear on Sunday. Such runner problems . . . 

Thanks for stopping by -- have a great weekeend!


Melissa said...

I can't believe you have to deal with Lyme AGAIN!!! I know you will have a strong race anyway because you are THE Strong Running Mama! Have a great race and tell Lyme to shove it:)

The Happy Runner said...

Thanks, Melissa! I was upset when I first noticed something was wrong but I'm determined to run well!!!

Darlene said...

Yes, I agree. You are strong and you will rock this half. See you there at the start. (And are you wearing your SRM shirt? I'm afraid I'll be too warm.)

Kate Keyoskey said...

Have a great run Felice! Hope you're feeling better :)

Jen said...

Have a great run!!!! Have fun with it. ;)

Flaming June said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I hope you had a fun race! And YIKES on the Lyme disease. Is this something that never really leaves your body?

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