Monday, November 4, 2013

October recap.

My mileage for October was down, just as I expected. Leading up to the half marathon, I had two taper weeks and then, after the half, I didn't run at all for a whole week. Since I started running again, I've taken it easy and haven't piled on too many miles.

I also had to take another extended rest -- of 4 days -- last week because my hip was troubling me. I have 0% interest in suffering through another injury-induced long layoff so I figured a short but extended rest would be exactly what I needed. And it was. After the 4 days off, my hip felt fine again. Here's how October looked for me.

October stats:

Running (miles): 67.2
Racing: 1 -- the Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon (and a new PR!)

My plan for November and December is to keep my weekly mileage consistent, but easy and down in the 16-20 mile range. I also plan to do a fair bit of cross training. I won't race in November but I hope to run most of the HMRCC Winter Series (free!) races that start up in December.

Happy November, everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

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