Thursday, October 23, 2008

The heavy topic.

Today's Runners' Lounge Take it and Run Thursday topic is Running and Weight.

Weight is such a heavy topic. People have issues with it.

She's resorted to stating the obvious. Times must really be tough.

No, not tough, exactly. A little stressful, sure. I'm getting ready to head out of town for four days --sans toddler and husband. So I'm beyond busy and my nerves are a little frayed. But you've found time to play countless rounds of Word Challenge, haven't you? OK, yeah. I have. I consider it a distraction. A little stress relief. But my stress is not the point, here. We're talking weight. Well, then, get to it. And please say something worth reading. No one wants to be bored . . .

I'll do my best.

As I was saying, weight is a heavy topic. I've tried mightily to ignore the scale, to pretend that my weight just doesn't matter to me. Only, it does. I watched the scale inch up while I was pregnant and, after giving birth, I wanted those 34 pounds gone. Immediately.

For the most part, they are and it didn't take all that long for them to go. When I first started running after Conal was born, though, I was still carrying some extra weight and I didn't like that at all. But, running helped me to lose it and soon enough it was gone.

I am not what society or the running world would consider to be the perfect weight. But, it works for me. The weight I am now is where my body wants to be. My body works. It carried a baby for 9+ months. It gets me where I need to go. It runs fairly well. Sure, if I lost a few pounds I would undoubtedly be as fast as Deena Kastor. And now she's resorted to lies and exaggerations, people! But, I can't obsess about a few pounds. I have to live my life and I firmly believe that if you obsess about everything you put in your mouth (not that I don't believe in healthy eating, because I do) and every calorie that you are burning, you are not going to live a full, enjoyable life.

Since I have so little creativity today -- Really? -- let me resort to reprinting something that Diana wrote on her site. She recently posted about body issues and ended with this:

A wise woman (ok, my mom, but she was very wise!) always told me that no matter what your are at someone's goal weight. Appreciate that and let that motivate and guide you. You are already at a goal weight, the rest is gravy :)
That is so true.

Appreciate your body, it's full weight and all.


tfh said...

Ah, yes.

It works for me.

I know all about that. Good luck on your trip!

J said...

Yes it is always about perspective! Hope the trip goes smoothly!

BeachRunner said...

You made a "heavy" topic fun and funny to read. Have a nice trip. And just think how arriving back home will be soooo special.

Vava said...

Have a great trip, where ever it may take you. I think I was on the verge of obsessing too much about my weight earlier this year, and it took a comment from the wise Beachrunner to make me stop watching it so much. For me I was always worried about being too light (yes, I know that might piss off everyone who has trouble taking weight off) and had difficulty keeping weight on. After starting my running plan, and upping my mileage, the pounds started to come off and I shot right past my goal weight and kept on losing. I was worried, but since have stabilized and look for other things to tell me I'm ok, just like you describe.

Great post!

Diana said...

I used to think that if I were to be thin then everything would be perfect: the heavens would open, birds would sing to me, and no worries would come my way. Right. Only in a disney movie. Oh, wait, that's what happens when we find our man.

Anyhoo...I'm just wanting to become healthy. Isn't that what really matters? Living a healthy life so that you can be there for your daughter as long as possible? I think you're doing great!

Wasn't my mom really wise :)

Unknown said...

The wise woman is very wise!!! So true!

Frayed Laces said...

Ooh what a cool point! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think you have to be happy from within. Being skinny doesn't always = healthy.

Marcy said...

I've been agreeing with d10 left and right today LOL. ITA with her. I'm probably 10lbs heavier than I was 8 years ago but I'm a heck of a lot healthier (at least from an exercise standpoint. Food wise? Ehhhh not so much LOL)

Ohhh girl you were lucky to only have to shed 34 extra pounds after pregnancy. My hefferness had about 50+ to lose after both kids :-X :-X

Chic Runner said...

good post. and I admire any mom who runs!! you are amazing!

Anonymous said...


so true.

we are all someone's jillain.

Julianne said...

Your mom is soooo right!! I also thought if I lost weight and became "thin" the stars would line up and I would have the perfect life. I lost the weight but the stars haven't lined up quite right, yet... I guess that's life. It's amazing how much importance we put on weight and why we believe it's inversely proportional to our happiness... Hmmm...

runjen said...

Great post. I often think that if only I lost 5 lbs. I could be faster. However, as you mentioned, my body is "happy" at this weight. I have no desire to go through the struggle of trying to lose it. Love that quote.

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing that thoughtful quote. What an eyeopener and a different way at looking at things!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great quote!

Anonymous said...

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