Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Out of town and running abroad.

I'm off to a meeting today in my old stomping grounds: NYC. Wish me luck!

So, I'm leaving you with a guest post. Planning a trip to Europe anytime soon? Well, today is your lucky day because Renato from has information on six seaside races in Europe. And, oooooh, they sound like fun! Nice, Trieste, Barcelona . . . check them out.

I'm already imagining myself running alongside the Mediterranean . . .

Six great European races to take a deep breath of salty air

Warm up on the beach, run along the seaside and take a deep breath of salty air: Europe offers great short (5 miles) and long (up to 26.2 miles) races to enjoy sea, sun and fun.

Mitja Marato de Barcelona, Spain

The half marathon run takes place in the city centre of Barcelona, starting from Passeig de Picasso and crossing the finish line at the (very appropriate) Arc de Triomf. Plaza Espana and the port are part of a great sightseeing tour in the popular tourist destination.

Sussex Beacon Half Marathon, UK

The chance to smell the sea, do stretching on the Brighton Pier and run with hundreds of gulls are the plus of the half marathon in Brighton: starting and finishing at Madeira Drive, the race is a pleasant 13.1 miles run through the city and along the seafront of Brighton and Hove. The Sussex Beacon Half Marathon takes place in February.

Nice Half Marathon, France

If you had been in French Riviera and Côte d'Azur in spring you know already why you should join this event, otherwise check the weather forecasts and few pictures of Nice online: a half marathon ("the incontrovertible") and a 10 km by the seaside ("the alternative") are the major events of the Semi-marathon international de Nice in France, a chance to run the celebrated promenade along the Mediterranean.

Bavisela Trieste, Italy

Many marathons pretend to be international but for Trieste the title "European Marathon" is well justified: just few miles from the Slovenian border, the city is not far away from Croatia and Austria. The marathon starts in Gradisca, cross Monfalcone, Duino and continues along the "Strada Costiera". Enjoy many miles along the seaside before finishing in Trieste. Get ready for May 2010.

Beachy Head Marathon, UK

Formerly known as the Seven Sisters Marathon, Beachy Head is a multi-terrain marathon (almost no road-running). The cross-country challenge covers most of the hills around Eastbourne, a Victorian seaside resort, including Beachy Head, at 162m, the highest chalk sea cliff in the country. Fly to the UK the last weekend of October.

Les Foulées du Gois, France

Les Foulées du Gois is a race against the advancing tide on the Gois, just 8 kilometers from the main land to the island of Noirmoutier and back, thanks to an historic causeway. Sea everywhere, wet feet: not a proper race but a different experience all together. Enjoy a unique run in the Vendée next June.

Don't forget to pack your swimsuit and a pair of running shoes! Have fun!


Renato is a freelance writer, a (slow) long distance runner and the author of Running a race in every European country and mastering the art of vagabonding are his short term goals.


Marlene said...

Fun guest post! But... why must you tempt me with these races?! :) They all sound AMAZING!

busyrunningmama said...

Oh how I would love to run in Europe!!! Unfortunately, the only races I have schedules are in Polk County, FL.....ugghhh......Even the names of the races in your post are more exciting than that!! I guess one can dream!!! Thanks for the guest post, it was a lovely adventure, if only for a moment!
Safe travels to NYC!!!

I Run for Fun said...

They all sound awesome! Sigh!

J said...

It would be awesome to run a race in a different country! Hope your trip goes well!

Unknown said...

Bon voyage! I would love to run ALL of those races, how fun.

Anonymous said...

This post makes my neighborhood runs seem worthless! Enjoy they all sounds fabulous.

Lindsay said...

when do we leave? :)

The Laminator said...

Hey! That's my next of the woods! Hope you get some good running in!

Ms. V. said...

Good luck!

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