Thursday, June 10, 2010


Cross training, after not doing much of it at all for the past two or so months, means:

  • legs that beg for mercy halfway through the first set of lunges;
  • a butt that tries to give up when you switch to squats;
  • thighs that laugh when you attempt to cajole them into one more set of plies;
  • a three-year-old son who tells you that you look "very, very weird" doing your push-ups; and
  • a body that wakes up so wiped out the next day that it doesn't even want to walk downstairs. Even though that's where the food is. And the body is hungry. All the time. So food holds a lot of appeal.
Yeah, you would think I was doing some sort of hard-core whip-your-body-into-shape thing but, no. I wasn't. I was simply attempting to make it through an hour of Exercise TV on demand. No kidding. And I was only using 6lb hand weights for the exercises that required them.

I'm blaming the baby. Maybe blame isn't such a nice word. It's more like I'm using that little guy as an excuse. He's got to be making it harder to lunge and squat and plie and hoist weights and do all those things that used to feel so easy. Right? Right.

(Forget about how I haven't done any lunges or squats or plies or what-have-yous in ahem two months. That can't be it. It's got to be the baby!)

Anyway, since the race I've been cross-training and you can see it has been kicking my butt. I'm going to stick with it, though, because these legs aren't going to strengthen themselves. And with all the eating I've been doing lately I've got to do something because I simply can't get in as many running miles as I used to. Not possible.

So, there you have it. Lots of cross training on the horizon. Still some running, probably lots of walking. Taking it as it comes. And learning that push-ups in front of the kid are a no-no. I don't need anyone telling me I look weird!

~ Felice


MCM Mama said...

LOL, I could handle being told I looked weird. it's the 4 year old sitting on my back while I attempt to do a pushup that I object to. ;o)

Denise said...

sounds like you're balancing it all out. i think it's great that you're still doing so much even being preggers. keep up the hard work!

Marlene said...

It hurts SOOO much to go back, but I'm sure it will get easier... even if the little bean continues to make it harder than it used to be. Way to go, Felice!

Jessica said...

Definitely the baby!! I had to quit running all together in my third tri and it was definitely the baby... or maybe the 50 pounds I gained?! LOL
Shoots, I haven't done pilates since our local Y got flooded. Stretching is hard enough with the babies around!!!

Anonymous said...

cross-training is tough. I laughed at the comment your son said about your push ups!

Lauren said...

Awww that made me chuckle. You probably just look weird to him cause he's not used to seeing you on the floor ;)

Heather said...

It's definitely the baby. For sure.

I did the 30 day shred for the 1st time in months on Sunday and my shoulders are still a little sore. Oops. Apparently you CAN lose fitness. Who knew.

Miz said...

I rock at the crosstraining---its the RUNNING for me :)

J said...

The baby is probably partly to blame!

I remember the first time i did planks a few weeks ago after not having done then in a LONG time and i was in so much pain!

Lindsay said...

oh totally blame it on the baby! ;) it's not 'cause you didn't XT last month. c'mon, soak up that excuse while you can!

kanishk said...

I laughed at the comment your son said about your push ups!
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