Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things I'll miss.

Assuming I ever deliver this bambino (and, these days, that seems a little questionable), there are a few things that I will probably miss about being preggo:

  1. The anticipation.
  2. Butter, and smothering my food in lots of it.
  3. A big ol' baby belly that makes my hips and butt look smaller by comparison.
  4. No pressure racing.
  5. No pressure running.
  6. Considering a walk solid exercise.
  7. Having a really good excuse for crying while watching just about anything on tv -- including Modern Family. Only a preggo could generate non-laughter tears from that comedy.
  8. Kind words from strangers and friends alike (including all those from yesterday's post -- thanks! I appreciate them!)
  9. Jelly beans.
  10. Sleep.
Feeling wistful . . . but ready. More than ready!

Happy almost weekend, everyone!

~ Felice

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Aron said...

awww love this post :)

Lindsay said...

gahhhh. i keep seeing your blog pop up in my reader and going BABY'S HERE and then he's not. i could NOT handle the anticipation, clearly! :)

why are you ending butter? and i think female hormones are always amuck, you can still cry whenever!

Diana said...

Miss the anticipation? EEk...driving me nuts! lol

Great post :)

ajh said...

I saw that you had commented on someone's post and did think -"Oh darn, she hasn't gone yet." I hope I don't see you commenting for awhile because you are with your sweet bambino!

J said...

Every time i see a post I wonder if it will be the news that you have delivered! Hope you are doing well and that the baby comes soon!

Marlene said...

Have a great weekend. We'll be waiting on the news. :)

ihaverun said...

I have to ask why you will miss jelly beans...

Have a great weekend (hopefully as a family of four)!!

Felice Devine said...

Lindsay -- I won't completely end things with butter. I'll just temper it a bit. I've been eating VATS of it, probably not a good thing. There's no way I'll shed the baby pounds if I keep that up!

Felice Devine said...

Candice -- Like the butter, I've probably eaten my body weight in jelly beans this pregnancy. So...I need to cut them out. Once the baby comes, but not before!

Unknown said...

This was so sweet! I love the "butter" and jelly beans on your list...oh and NO pressure. All that stuff aside, I'm sure you really are READY!
Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...

By the way, your preggo picture in the last post is so CUTE! You look great and happy!

Fruit Fly said...

It is late Saturday night. You posted this on Thursday. .... have you had the baby yet???

Butter. Oh how I love thee!

Very cute post!

pearl izumi said...

Keep us posted! Good luck on losing weight! Enjoy!

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