Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January recap.

January kicked off half marathon training and it shows in my monthly mileage! I had a great running month, despite the 33 inches of snow that poured down on our area in January. Sheesh! All the snow and the resulting ice jams on the road in my neighborhood made it so I did the bulk of my running on the treadmill. Not all of my running, just most of it. 

Fortunately, I was able to get outside for all but one of my long runs (ran 9.3 on the treadmill). Even better, I made peace with the 'mill and haven't had to spend my time bemoaning my running fate but, rather, embracing it. And my long run is back up in double-digits. Yay to the yay!

OK, so here's what the month looked like:

January stats:

Running (miles): 95.3
Cross-training (sessions): 2

Oops! I kinda slacked off in the cross training department but, you know what? That's OK. I've been fairly consistent about doing my special little leg routine that keeps my knee/ITB problems at bay so I'll let myself off the hook on the major cross training. 

So, that's the month. I'm looking forward to what February brings.

Before I sign off, though, here are a few links for you:

Yogurt giveaway
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Tips for running in the snow

Happy Wednesday!

~ Felice


Unknown said...

great month!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I'm so impressed you have been able to get outside for LONG runs what with all the snow your region of the country is receiving!!!

Bundle up Happy runner!!

Marlene said...

Great job in January!!

Unknown said...

That's impressive mileage for a snowy month. Great running!

Tricia said...

I'm still struggling with ITB issues. Need to track down your you have a link where you talked about it?

Janine said...

You have totally inspired me, and i have totally upped my mileage this month. I am looking forward to a higher mileage month for February (even though it is a short month!!) and
I think I need that running skirt!!!

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