Monday, May 2, 2011

Picking up speed and April recap.

Switching gears from half marathon training to training for a 5k means shorter and faster runs. But the fast runs have been somewhat elusive -- I bagged my speedwork once because I had heavy legs that just refused to pick up the pace. Then, this past week, I played a lot of soccer and hopscotch so I skipped speedwork on the first day it was scheduled, and on the second.

That led to Friday. If I was going to get the speedwork in, it had to be Friday evening. So I set out to run 6 x 400 (quarter miles) at a 7min/mile pace. The first quarter after my warm-up showed up in the middle of a hill. Fast quarters, uphill? Why not? I went for it and, to my surprise, ran it in a 6:30 pace. Yay!

The way my route worked out, I ran all but one of my repeats uphill and my rest intervals were downhill. For me, that's actually the best way because running fast downhill can do a number on my knees.

And they were all at a 6:20-6:30 pace, except for one of the intervals, which I extended to a half mile and ended up running in 3:31 (about 7min/mile pace).

That, my friends, is fast for me! This could mean good things for the rest of my spring/summer speed. I followed Friday's fast run with a long run on Saturday (legs felt good) and a short, easy run on Sunday. Sunday's run was after we participated in the CROP walk for hunger and, unfortunately, I just felt blah on that run. Didn't matter -- my fast Friday and long Saturday were both great!

And now, the month that was.

April stats:

Running (miles): 88.1
Cross training (sessions): 5

My cross training included some weights, along with plenty of soccer, hopscotch and baseball (mostly pitching . . . can you tell I have a 3-year old?)

My mileage was right on target. April was a good month for me: My first half marathon, post-race rest and recovery, the start of 5K training, and my baby turned 6 months old. Big month!

Happy May, everyone! Have a great week.

~ Felice


Suzy said...

You are going to have a great 5K season!! You also had a wonderful April.

Marlene said...

Way to go on the speed work and congrats on a great month in April. Bring on May!!

Darlene said...

You're going to blow us out of the water in the 5ks. See you Sun! Maybe we'll have warmer weather this year.

Steel Springs said...

Congrats on the great speed! That's exciting.

You had a wonderful April. Here's to an excellent May!

ihaverun said...

Great month. And wow speedy!

Have a great MAY!!!

J said...

Switching from half marathon to 5k is tough but I am doing that too! All the short races seem to be in the summer except the boilermaker! I think having the base of the half training will help you run a fast 5k!

Quix said...

I'm doing some 5k training too and I just hit 6:30s today in my speedwork. On the treadmill. With no hills. For .1 mile intervals. :) So you are pretty much badass in my book! :) Good luck with the training!

Dreams Creative PH said...

5k is my favorite though I am now trying to do mud run, I still miss the 5k run


Felice Devine said...

Darlene -- I really, really hope Sunday is warmer than last year!

Sabrina Hayes said...

88 miles! Cross training!6:20 mi pace! A Marathon! Hopscotch!

April sounds like a GREAT month!!!
It was terrible for me! I only got 30.3 miles in all month and one session of cross training. Four if you count all the yard work.

I've started the month of May with a 3rd degree sprain (ankle) so this month is all about the pool, with one 5k Mud Run thrown in. But good for you!!! You're doing AWESOMELY!!!!

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