Monday, May 21, 2012

Favorite arm exercises for runners.

Now that marathon training is over, I've gotten back into a little strength training. My training plan had called for strength training during the first two months, but none for the last month. I followed the plan and believe that I am stronger for it, especially in my upper body. Even though when I look at my marathon photos, I can see I'm a little hunched over at mile 25, my arms/back/shoulders didn't feel too tired over the course of my 26.2 miles.

Since I'm not really in training for anything at this point, I've spent some time experimenting and thinking about my favorite upper-body strength moves. There are some that I love, and some that I can't stand.

These are the upper-body exercises that I have found are easy to do and most beneficial to my running form (I use 6lb dumbbells for all except push-ups and planks):

And then there is my favorite, running arms! They are super easy to do. Just stand with either your right or left leg slightly in front of the other (switch legs after each set -- I like to do two sets of 25). With a light weight in each hand, slowly swing each arm as if you were running. You'll mimic the running motion, which will build excellent running-specific arm strength!

And that's it! I like to do these exercises three times a week and, like I said, they really have helped my running. I hope they will help you, too!

Do you have a favorite arm exercise that isn't included here? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by -- have a great week!

~ Felice


Tamara (fitknitchick) said...

I love bent arm lateral raises. Great for building the cap on your shoulder without the twinges I get from overhead presses!

Like you, I love planks too!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I have no idea which exercises target which muscles. I make my trainer explain that kind of stuff to me, and then I promptly forget.

My arms feel sore when I do pull ups and sledge hammer the tractor tire, and those are two of my favorite things to do, so I'll say those.

B.o.B. said...

i pretty much hate all arm stuff but that's got i've got the t-rex's. lol! i've been going to a crossfit/bootcamp thing and man i could make myself throw up from push ups alone. lol

Angela @ Happy Fit Mama said...

I'm a plank lover! Good idea about the runner's arm. That's a great move!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this, I often gain and lose weight. thus making my arm's skin loses its elasticity. I gotta try this to tone down my arms.

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