Friday, June 1, 2012

May recap and race goals.

First, I had a great birthday! Owen and I rarely get to go out to dinner and we actually did last night. What a treat! My parents babysat the boys, we had a nice meal out, it was great. Plus, the boys cooperated with me earlier in the day and I got in a short, easy run. Lucky me! It was a super way to end the month.

Speaking of ending the month, here's how May shaped up:

May stats:

Running (miles): 96.3 (way down from April, my peak month!)
Racing: 1 -- the New Jersey Marathon!
Cross training (sessions): 7

May has primarily been about letting my body recover from marathon training. While I felt strong after the marathon, I know that a body needs rest after all of that training. I'm in to running for the long term, so I've spent the month listening to my body and running easy. I've enjoyed some long runs with friends and some quick-and-easy runs by myself.

Bring on June!

And to kick June off in a solid way, tomorrow I'm running the Freihofer's Run for Women 5K. Last year at the race I set my chip-timed PR of 22:51 (I've since run a 22:05, but that was in a race without chip timing). Although I haven't been running fast lately, I'm interested to see what sort of speed I still have in my legs, post-marathon. So, I'm going to try to go for it and beat my overall PR: 22:05. I figure, I ran 29:05 in a 4-mile race in the middle of marathon training so I should be able to get close to 22:05 -- if not beat it.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow so who knows what will actually happen. This race is a low-stress one for me so I'm just going to take it as it comes. And try to run really fast, of course!

Have a great weekend, everyone -- and good luck to everyone who is racing!

~ Felice


Jen Feeny said...

Happy belated birthday, and good luck this weekend! You can do it!!!!

quix said...

Happy belated birthday, and good luck at your race! You'll do great!

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