Friday, September 21, 2012

ZOOMA goals.

Tomorrow is the ZOOMA Cape Cod half marathon. I'm so excited! I've enjoyed being involved with this race for the past few months and I can't wait to meet my fellow ambassadors! I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun.

But, since it is a race, I do have some goals. Not big-time goals, though, because my fall "A" race is the Mohawk-Hudson half marathon in October. I would, however, like to run a strong race tomorrow.

So, my plan is to do just that. I'd like to start out conservatively and pick up the pace in the second half of the race. I also have a few time goals:

B goal: 1:55 or better
A goal: 1:49:59 or better

As long as I run well, I'll be happy. I've never run on Cape Cod -- in fact, I've only run one other race in the whole state of Massachusetts. So, it will be a treat for me!

Good luck to everyone else who is racing this weekend! 

~ Felice


Darlene said...

Have fun!! Good luck with your goals!! Remember last year, we were running the Adirondack half and you were trying to bveat Sarah Palin :)

Felice Devine said...

I do remember that, Darlene! That was one tough race :-) Maybe I'll beat Sarah in two weeks. That's my secret plan. ha!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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