Monday, May 6, 2013

Running, with a side of rice.

I had big plans for Saturday. Big plans.

I was meeting my friend, Amanda, for her first run since November. November! She is signed up for the Mohawk-Hudson half marathon in October and the NYC marathon in November. So, Saturday, we -- along with our friend, Bridget -- were heading out for her first run.

It was perfect running weather. I left my house early to run the 3.5 miles to our meeting spot. About 1.5 miles into the run, Bridget passed me in her car. She slowed down, we chatted and I ended up hopping in with her and driving the rest of the way to meet Amanda. 

We were early so we set out to run a mile. A few steps into the run, I felt something weird in my hip.

Pain. Weird pain. Burning, searing, weird pain.

I kept going because that's what happens when you're out for a run on a perfect Saturday morning with friends. The pain, unfortunately, kept going too. About a quarter mile from where we were meeting Amanda, I told Bridget I needed to walk.

I kept my cool but really, inside, this was totally me:


Bridget and I met Amanda and after hugs all around, we set out for our run. Fortunately, since Amanda is just getting back to running, she was game for a little run/walk. It was the only thing I could handle and even that didn't feel so good.

I didn't think much about my hip because I was so happy that Amanda was back to running and Bridget and I had about a million questions for her so we chatted and before we knew it, we'd run/walked 2 miles.

It was wonderful. I was really proud of Amanda for getting back out there!

Bridget, me, Amanda
It is tough to start back up with running after a long layoff, especially one that has been filled with personal ups and downs. But, Amanda is doing it. Way to go, Amanda!!!

Since the run I've been hunkered down in RICE City. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. Although, honestly, other than to stand it is a little awkward to try to elevated the hip. And the compression thing is tough, too. So, I'm resting and icing. I guess I'm in RI City. 

Anyway, my hip is still sore and that really rots. I didn't run on Sunday, even though I had plans for a local 5K, and I'm taking today and the rest of the week off. If I feel solid by Wednesday, I'll test the hip out on Friday. Yes, that's right, I'll wait an extra day. 

At least that's what I say now . . . 

No, I will. I really will. I need this hip to be fine. No injuries, please!

And now, I'm off to ice the hip. Healing vibes, anyone? I'll take them. And, while you're at it, if you have some good luck vibes to spare, send some Amanda's way as she rediscovers her running self.

Thanks! Have a great week.


Darlene said...

Sending healthy vibes. I hope you are on the mend very quickly.

Unknown said...

oh MAN Im so so sorry about your HIP!!!


Unknown said...


I recently started having ultrasound therapy from the PT at my chiro's office on my IT band up by my hip. I didn't even know about that before, but it seems to have really helped. Anyway, maybe you should see someone like that about the hip?

Melissa said...

Oh no! I hope your hip gets better!!! I had an issue with my piriformis over the summer/fall from training and not cross-training. NOT fun at all...and I love that you said "and that rots". It gave me a giggle! lol Feel better, girl!

misszippy said...

I'm happy for Amanda but bummed for you. Do take the rest and then some. There's nothing to be gained from pushing through it but lots to be lost. Good luck with it!

Unknown said...

OH - I hope that it isn't anything major with your hip!!! Don't push it if it is still hurting (experience talking here!).
Hang in there!!

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