Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January wrap-up and some fun in Philly!

We had a fun January here in Happy Runner-ville. I kicked off the month with a New Year's Day race and ended with a trip to Philadelphia to visit family. In between, I ran a little and bumped up my crossfit workouts. I also spent a full week tending to my 6-year-old when he was down-and-out with strep throat. It was a tough time for sure, but he bounced back and is full of health now. Phew!

My mileage for the month was still low, as planned:

January stats:

Running (miles): 64.6
Racing: 1 (Winter Series)
Cross-training (sessions): 15

Lots and lots of cross training for me! February will mean an increase in mileage as I start training for my spring races, including the Runnin' of the Green in March and the Run to Remember half marathon in May. I'm ready!

In fact, I started the month with a run in Philly. We went down to visit my brother-in-law and his family and had a great time. And, of course, being that runner, I packed my running gear and, indeed, got out for a run on Saturday.

Seen on the run along the river in Philadelphia.
What a different run for me. I'm used to running in my suburban area and this run was definitely urban. Also, it was warm so I ran my quick 4+ miles in a long sleeve t-shirt and capris. It felt so good -- warmer weather can't come fast enough for this happy runner!

Like I said, we had a great time in Philadelphia. Here's a peek at our fun:

Dancing on the piano at the Please Touch Museum.

Riding the carousel.


Penguins at Adventure Aquarium.

What a good way to end one month and start another. Now, I'm looking forward to more family fun in February and lots more running.

And, yeah, some warm, spring-like weather wouldn't hurt either!

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Running Librarian said...

looks like a fun visit to Philly!

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