Friday, March 14, 2014

Race goals!

Tomorrow will be my first race of the spring season, the Runnin' of the Green (Island) 4 miler. Sure, we still have snow all around but spring has to be coming, right? Right. And so I'm going to kick it off with the festive Runnin' of the Green!

In the past, I've used this race as a gauge of my fitness and this year is no different. Last year I ran a solid 29:37 for the 4 miles and was pleased with that. I was training for a half marathon in April and felt that finishing under 30 minutes for 4 miles was great since I was focusing on longer runs.

This year, well, I just don't know. I haven't been running much, for one thing. And I've been injured, for another. I'm also training for a half marathon in May, so I'm planning to run 3 miles before the race and 1 after, to give me 8 miles total for the day.

But, this is me, folks. I can't go into a race without some sort of goal. That's just how it goes.

And so, yes. I have goals.

My C goal is to run at my goal half-marathon pace (8:05) and finish in 32:20 or better.

My B goal is to run under an 8:00 pace and finish in 31:56 or better.

My A goal is to run 30 minutes or faster (7:29 pace).

I believe I can probably achieve my B goal -- but that A goal will be a total stretch this year. I will see how I feel at the starting line and how much determination I have.

What I really want is to feel good while running with some speed. Not the fastest speed I have, just with some good, really pushing it, type of speed.

So, we'll see what happens!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Darlene said...

See you there.

Unknown said...

Good luck - I know you will get at least one of your goals!!

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