Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cross training, kiddie-style.

* Or, the real reason I skipped my run yesterday.

It was H-O-T out yesterday but my son had a) new sidewalk chalk b) a new soccer ball and c) a new whiffle ball bat so . . . we were outside. For hours.

We played soccer. Then I pitched and he swung and I chased the balls that he managed to hit. Then I drew the "biggest chalk hopscotch in the whole wide world" on the driveway and we hopped. And hopped. And hopped some more.

My son's favorite hops? The one-legged kind. So that's what I did. Hopped on one leg from square one to square 30 -- over and over and over and over.

After that? It was back to soccer. With maybe a little nursing the baby in between.

So that's why I didn't run yesterday: Because I was beat from all the Preschool Cross Training. Hopping on one leg, repeatedly, is hard work. And soccer? Holy cow. My knees aren't used to all that twisting and turning and my quads and hammies are feeling all of that starting and sprinting and stopping and starting all over again.

You use a lot of different muscles playing outside kiddie-style for hours. Let's hope all that cross training helps make me faster!

What about you? Do you do any unconventional cross training?

Today I've got 4 miles on the schedule. Looking forward to them! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

~ Felice


Marlene said...

That is some serious (and FUN!) cross-training right there. Sounds good to me!

My "unconventional" cross-training is a little less enjoyable - yard work, house cleaning, etc.

Megan said...

My husband is a kid at heart who just wants to kick the soccer ball around. I was such a good sport going with him to soccer field and letting him indulge himself. I served as the "ball girl", knowing I would get some exercise by chasing after the ball.

The Hungered One said...

I work with children and there's plenty of chasing involved! There's also a lot of child lifting, spotting, catching, hurdling over (love it when they don't look where they're going), etc.

And yes, I will definitely agree.. housework cross training totally counts. Vaccuuming, cooking, dusting, general cleaning, etc.

trailrunningchick said...

I go bouldering with my husband sometimes, but it's rare enough that I can't really count is as cross training. It's definitely different and my arms always feel sore, no matter how much more muscle I thought I had gained by doing pull ups at home.

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