Monday, April 25, 2011

Shoeless Joe.

The time has come for new shoes. My super awesome, favorite Somnios have over 450 miles on them and I just can't keep piling on. I've been holding out on getting new shoes because Somnio is having some sort of manufacturing problem and the shoes that I use -- and love -- are completely, totally out of stock. Almost like they don't exist.

I have been waiting for them to come in since early this year. Waiting and waiting. Now, I can wait no longer.

And so, the hunt is on for new shoes. Yuck.

For years (about 7), I wore Brooks Addictions and loved them. Sure, I tried others along the way: A pair of New Balance that seemed good and then not. A pair of Mizunos that are ok but only so. A pair of Sauconys that just, well, were just a huge N-O. So I stuck with Brooks. They did me well. I was loyal.

And then I tried Somnio. Oh, how I fell in love.

Semi-custom Somnios. They were perfect. And now they are worn out.

Fleet Feet, here I come!

Has anyone else run into the out-of-stock Somnio issue? I wear the Self Controls. Would like something similar.

*     *     *

In other news, I've had some super-great runs over the past fews days and feel like my 5K training is coming together. My first speed session was weak as can be, but I blame that on not having run very fast in a while.

I'm looking forward to this week's intervals!

Have a great week, everyone!

~ Felice 


Laura said...

I am a Nike girl (which totally shocked me) but that is after Saucony, Asics etc kept changing the shoes I wore and not for the better for me. Good luck with the shoe search!

macnic said...

I love new balance. I wear orthodicts and they just fit perfectly.

Darlene said...

Good luck with your shoe search. I've tried every brand and so far I have some bearable Asics & Saucony but still waiting to find a pair that my feet don't hurt with.

I'm in serious need of speed advice. After 2 halfs, I forgot how to run fast!!!

J said...

Well that stinks! I wear the Brooks Ghost and the Asics 2150s and love them both although the Brooks are much less cushiony so sometimes the bottoms of my feet are sore after longer runs!

Marlene said...

Good luck with the shoe hunt! I hope your beloved Somnios are available again soon.

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