Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rest and run.

After Sunday's long treadmill run, Monday was a well-deserved rest day.

Tuesday was a planned 5 miler. And . . . it didn't happen. Due to a series of unfortunate events, which included some gross vomit, I couldn't run. But that happens sometimes and I'm looking at it as a bonus rest day. Unplanned, but fine. I can roll with an unplanned rest day!

Today, I made up for it a bit with an awesome outdoor stroller run.

Take a look:

5 hilly miles in the sun.

Wearing capris.

Pushing my (heavy) running buddy.


With any luck, I'll get back out there tomorrow for my planned 6 miles. Fingers crossed. Whatever happens, I'm enjoying the fact that the spring weather is starting to warm up!

Happy running, folks!

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