Saturday, July 5, 2008

Can I have a do-over?

I need one for the push up challenge. While on vacation this week, I just didn't make the time for push ups. So, I'd like to take a do-over on Week 2 and start fresh on Monday. Thank you.

As for running, however, I definitely made time. I ran four times while away and it was terrific! I had mapped out a few routes before heading down to the shore and I found that doing so really helped to make sure I went out for my runs and enjoyed them. I varied the routes a little after I found out that Avalon (where we were staying) had a little boardwalk along the beach that was perfect for running.

Running gave me some much needed time alone while staying in a beach house with 16 (count 'em!) other people and it was a neat way to see more of the town.


CindyPTN said...

Running on a boardwalk. Ah, the memories. What a great way to treat yourself on vacation.

Hey, we all need do overs and restart ups. You bet you can start fresh! Every day is a new one.

Mark Salinas said...

You are a running machine. I am looking for some good running shoes....I just cannot find a "good fit".

Felice Devine said...

Cap -- No doubt, running on a boardwalk is such a treat! I loved it.

Mark -- Have you tried a specialty running store? I went to one a few years ago and they had me run on a treadmill with different shoes and then recommended one that I still swear by today. I use Brooks Addiction and they are the absolute best for me.

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