Friday, June 27, 2008

It's a miracle I can lift my arms to type.

Day 3 of the push up challenge. Basically, a repeat of Day 2. Only harder. And my body is sorer. More sore? Both, probably.

But, I'm glad I'm doing this. I feel stronger, in that can-barely-lift-my-arms type of way. So, I'll keep going. Only 5 weeks left!

And here is where I shift gears awkwardly --

I was over at MizFit's blog this morning, when I was avoiding starting my push ups. Her Friday posts are called Link Love, where she shares all kinds of links to cool stuff found around the Internet. One of them really got me today, in part because it called up my total inner geek. It's called Typeracer and, I don't know, I guess it reminds me of waaaaaay back when I was first interviewing at publishing houses in NYC and I had to take all kinds of typing tests. Plus, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I love a challenge!

Shifting gears yet again --

I'm going on vacation. Yahoo!!! So, I'm checking out some running routes where we'll be staying, getting that all set so I can be a happy runner while I'm away. I love running on vacation -- I get to see new sights and the different routes help shake things up.

Jersey shore, here I come!


carla said...

and we wont get SORE from type racer!

(thanks for the shout out)


Felice Devine said...

Unless we type so much that our poor finger-tips get tired out!

workout mommy said...

I too got sucked into the type racer game! It is addictive, I really needed to keep playing until I won!

great job on the push ups, keep it up! Have a great vacation and I hope you find some fun running routes. :)

aka: workout mommy

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