Monday, July 7, 2008

Do-over Day

This do-over thing was the right idea.

Today, I completed Week 2, Day 1 of the push-up challenge. It was a total breeze! I couldn't believe it. The schedule called for five sets of push ups, with 60 seconds of rest in between sets. The sets went like this: 12, 12, 9, 7, max (at least 10). I cranked out 15 for my max and felt pretty psyched about that! I think I'm getting better at these push ups and I believe that doing Week 2 over again will help me in the long run.

So, having learned that do-overs are good things, I'm hoping to take a do-over on eating. Let's just say that my diet while on vacation was a little less than stellar. We're talking Doritos, M&Ms, Cheetos, ice cream, burgers . . . it goes on and on. But, you know, it was vacation and that's a time to let loose.

Now, though, I'm all over the healthy eating and, in fact, I'm looking for new ways to healthify (so what if it's not a word???) my diet. I found this interesting article, which made me pleased that I eat blueberries and cinnamon and reminded me to get that Asian cabbage salad recipe from Bridget. It's also prompting me to bring back the beets. I love them. Why haven't I been eating them? Dunno -- but I think I will start again!

My first step in refining my diet is to drink more water. I will hydrate! I will!


Sheamus said...

Regarding a healthy diet - what works for me, and what I think would work for everybody if they tried it, is what I call '80-20' eating. I wrote an article about it here.

Basically, for six days of the week you eat clean - 'clean' being whatever your diet of choice is (mine is low-GI). For that other day, you eat literally whatever you want. Doritos, M&Ms, Cheetos, ice cream, burgers - it's all good!

It's also important - that once-a-week calorie spike stops your body from slowing your metabolism down or, worse, going into 'starvation mode' (because of your otherwise healthy eating) and hording fat, thereby making you actually gain weight.

One other day every 1-2 weeks I also like to eat ultra-clean, dropping the calories more than normal, and this has the same effect.

All of this keeps the body guessing! This adds up to a heightened metabolic rate which, coupled with exercise (I run daily) means getting into serious shape.

If you're interested, you can read more at my personal blog (as linked above), or my running blog,

Best of luck,

Felice Devine said...

Very interesting. I just went over to your site to check it out. Thanks so much for the information!

And good luck running every day for a year!

carla said...

I need to drink more water and get back in the habit of leaving a BIG JUG on my counter as a reminder.

thanks for the prodding!


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