Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Thanks to this blogger, I am now watching Dean Karnazes try to break the treadmill running record. It's real exciting stuff, let me tell you. Ha!

Yeah, not really. But, I keep peeking in to see how he's doing. And he's usually running. On the treadmill. Which he'll do for 48 hours.

This is coming at the perfect time for me and I do hope that Dean's quest can inspire me a bit. I had to run on the treadmill yesterday and, well, bleck. When I'm on the treadmill, I have to play games with myself in order to keep going. I don't see the point of changing the elevation because my usual running routes are full of hills so I play with speed. Not speed speed, just little pick-ups, mostly. Yesterday I warmed up for a mile and then ran 8 min/mi pace for a quarter mile followed by a quarter mile in 9.5 min/mi pace. I did that for two miles. Whoopie-dee, I know.

But, like I said, it is the only way I can stave off the boredom.

I'm hoping that most of my runs can continue outside this fall and into the winter. But, I'm realistic. I don't like to run in the dark so my window of opportunity shrinks a little every day. The treadmill will allow me to get my miles in, just not in an ideal way.

That's life, I guess. Let's just say I'll never be going after any treadmill running records!


J said...

I also saw the link to Deans treadmill running - if they had sound it might be better or is it just my computer that is being weird

Aron said...

haha i am also watching that now thanks to tfh... that is just torture to me... i am NOT a fan of the treadmill but will be having the same dilemma coming up with the short days :(

GroundedFitness said...

I could probably sit on a treadmill for 48 hours. thats gotta be a record, right?

Kelly Turner

Felice Devine said...

Ha! Sitting, sleeping, stretching. Why not!

BTW -- there's a girl running on the mill next to him. Don't know when that happened. I'm missing all the action ;-)

Mo said...

I cannot imagine going for a record like that. In fact, I can't even look at the link. Having 5 kids in less than 5 years and now with seven, I spent many a days on the "mill". No more. I will go out in any kind of weather. Have even written about it in our running blog. Liked your term, Deadmill. Had me laughing! Thanks.

Marcy said...

I didn't even know he was going it until tfh mentioned it on her blog. I hope he makes it :-)

tfh said...

And...I'm still watching.

As much as I like to whine about the treadmill, it really is a wonderful invention, isn't it? Treadmill running at the least always makes me feel better than not running at all!

Felice Devine said...

You're right! Running on the mill is better than not running at all. And better than trying to jog in place in the middle of the living room where all that really happens is that you look like a dork.

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