Sunday, May 24, 2009

GHI Workforce Team Challenge -- Spectator Report

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I was going to be a spectator at the Corporate Challenge. I misspoke. I was a spectator at the GHI Workforce Team Challenge -- a renegade race, if you will. I guess a few years ago they broke from the official Corporate Challenge to do their own thing. But, it's still basically the same idea. Companies field teams to run the 3.5-mile race.

Anyway, with that unimportant stuff out of the way, I bring you my report!

Did you know it was hot on Thursday? For real! It was! Like, 87 degrees at race time hot. Holy cannoli hot. Ozone warning hot. Hot, hot, hot.

Conal and I met up with Owen and his team and hung out with the several thousand runners (there were over 7700 of them) and spectators at the great Empire State Plaza. Just before the race started, we found our spot and watched the runners slog past in the heat.

Conal was on the lookout for Owen, but we couldn't spot him in the crowd.

We did, however, spot a gorilla:

We cheered for the runners and Conal proved himself to be a good clapper. Owen crossed the finish line a little slower than he expected, but it was a super hot day so I think that was the case for most runners.

This weekend has remained warm. I got in a nice run Friday evening and then I had an all-day volunteer event yesterday. Today's 4.5-mile run was a hot one, so I took it slow. It felt good once I got into it.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

~ Felice


Diana said...

Gorilla could he/she run in that suit when it's that hot (and I'm assuming humid too?). Yikes.
Great for Owen though for competing and completing it! (I probably would have croaked half way through. lol...especially with the heat).

I Run for Fun said...

Wow! 7700 runners? That's a big event!

Kudos to Owen for competing and completing in that weather! And the person in the gorilla suit too! Whew!

Conal is a very cute spectator!

Denise said...

Conal is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

How did that person run a race in a gorilla outfit! I would have fallen on my face. Conal is very cute!

X-Country2 said...

We have a similar race here, and yes, it's a veyr good time. Although I've never seen a gorilla. :o)

Lindsay said...

wow a guy/person in a gorilla suit in the heat! they need mental help. :) conal is adorable!

J said...

This will be my 3rd running the corporate challange (2nd year in a row as a bandit!) and i always struggle. Its usually just so hot and exhausting to run it! I am not sure why! great job to your husband!

Middle-of-the-Pack Girl said...

Thursday was super hot! And someone ran in that gorilla suit, that person is insane! or training for a marathon in death valley?!

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