Friday, May 29, 2009

Tempted by the fruit of another.

I'm going to come right out and say it: I cheated. But when I tell you the story, you'll understand. At least I hope so!

I hadn't meant to cheat. I've long been a Brooks Addiction girl. They've served me well for years and years. They cradle my gimpy toe and keep my wackadoodle pronation in line. They are solid. Solid, supportive, clunky. And always there for me.

So I hadn't even been looking, as satisfied as I was with my Brooks. I hadn't gone to any running stores, hadn't slipped on any Nikes or Mizunos just for fun, hadn't even gone to the running shoe section in the online stores.

They found me, people. I swear it.

A nice lady emailed me and asked if I would be interested in trying a pair of New Balance running shoes. Yes! I practically shouted. I would! I love running gear! Love it all! (Was I too excited? A little over-eager? Perhaps . . . ) She gave me a code and sent me to the web site to select my shoes. I found a sharp looking stability shoe (the 768), ordered it and awaited its arrival.

And then the package arrived (very quickly, I might add) to even more excitement than the original offer of free shoes. I opened the box and stared in awe of the 768's sleek running superness. Owen warned me not to get caught up in their looks. "You love your Brooks for a reason," he said. Um, yeah. He was right but, dang, these new shoes were hot!

I tried them on. Cushy. Cushy and sleek. And fast-looking. Oh, I was going to love them.

My nerves got the better of me, though, and I didn't try them out for a week. I guess I didn't want to be disappointed. And I wasn't. I took my new kicks for a run on the treadmill one afternoon and they were a soft ride. They felt great -- very different from the ultra-control of my Brooks. So I took them out again, this time for speedwork. Yes, they felt terrific.

Then came the true test: A run over my regular, hilly route.

It was the end.

They just couldn't cut it. My feet felt too . . . too . . . free? I don't know. They felt like they were all over the place when I was running downhill and they were too bendy on the uphills. I don't know how else to describe it. They just didn't work. I went back to my trusty Brooks for my next hilly run and it felt right.

Tempted, yes. I was tempted by the New Balance and I will fully admit that I plan to wear them for treadmill runs and keep my Brooks for all outdoor runs. Luckily for my Brooks, this means they'll get the bulk of my runs. But, once a week or so, when I hit the 'mill, the New Balance will be on.

Do I feel guilty? Nah . . . I now know that, truly, my Brooks Addictions are for me. We're a perfect match.

If you are wondering (and you probably aren't), tomorrow I will wear my trusty Brooks for the big race. No cheating there! I'm seriously nervous, by the way. This afternoon I'll head to the expo and then tonight I'll tell myself -- repeatedly -- that I can run fast enough to finish under 23 minutes.

And I will write more about the tennis ball. I haven't forgotten the requests for more info!

OK, happy Friday. I hope all the racers have a great time this weekend!

~ Felice


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

SWEET to get free shoes!! Congrats for that. Your Brooks will take you to a PR I can feel it. Happy Friday!!

Amy said...

Woah, free shoes. But it's so nice to have a pair that just feel like home, you know? When they always seem to fit whenever you buy a new pair, that's love!

Marlene said...

It's okay to have a casual fling now and then. :)

Good luck tomorrow!!!!! Just remember, you can do ANYTHING for (under) 23 minutes.

Lindsay said...

you just needed the fling to make sure you and brooks were meant to be! now you shall never need to stray from the relationship again... unless another free pair of shoes appear of course :)

Quix said...

Love the post, and you'll do great tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

I was the same way. I have gone through 4 pairs of Brooks, but wanted to test another pair out. I ended up with Mizunos which I love too!

I Run for Fun said...

Free shoes never hurt anybody. And you are still addicted to Addiction, so it's all good.

raulgonemobile said...

Congrats on the shoes.. I may have to branch out and try something besides NB shoes..

Janice {Run Far} said...

i ran in Mizunos for years and in Feb tried out the Asics Kayanos... yummy. I have been very pleased with them.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

yay for free shoes, but sounds like you know which are right for you :) good luck this weekend!

Unknown said...

Well if you're an 8.5 show size and they need a 2nd opinion... :)

Heather said...

Gotta love free shoes, even if they don't end up being your true love.

GOOD LUCK tomorrow! You are going to do awesome.

Colin Hayes said...

I've never worn NB, but have been a Brooks user for years (now Brooks Defyance2) and love them!

Diana said...

I love new balance because I have ultra wide flipper feet :) But, I will keep the others in mind if I'm ever crazy enough, er motivated enough!, to run hills outdoors :D

The Biz Runner said...

LOVE this story. I posted about it on my blog:

Anonymous said...

Yes, we all have our favorite shoes. I LOVE my Asics 1140s. I tried to move it up a notch, but I'm not that type of runner. That is, I am sort of old school. I need my shoes to fit my feet, but I don't need them to be particularly light and/or slipper-like. They just need to be there. So, when I climb hills, they keep pushing me. When I glide down, they keep my feet reasonably ordered. But, no matter what, they need to fit me well.

I have run in NBs and I've run in Brooks, but I am an Asics guy.

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