Thursday, December 16, 2010

You call that a run?!?

My boys were cooperating with me on Tuesday so I DID get that run in. If you can call it that . . .

It started out with me feeding Niall and then speed-changing into some running clothes. I tossed back a sip of water, laced up my running shoes and brought the boys downstairs to the basement.

Then Niall needed a diaper change. So back upstairs we went. Once he was all clean, I put him on the floor next to the treadmill, hopped on, and started to run. Warm-up? What warm-up?

Conal played soccer, Niall laid peacefully and I ran. For about 2 miles.

Then there was a diaper explosion.

I hit the pause button, hopped off the 'mill and brought Niall upstairs to change him. I thought about calling it a run at that point and then shook my head at my folly. I was not giving up on the run. No, sir.

So, back downstairs we went. I put Niall back on the mat next to the 'mill and ran. For almost a half mile . . . until he started screaming. Since I was not giving up, I strapped on the Baby Bjorn, put him in and walked for a bit to calm him. Then, I started all over again.

Another mile. I was going well. Until Conal needed me SO MUCH because he had lost a hockey puck. I hopped off the teadmill, found the puck, and then hopped back on. Felt like I barely broke my stride.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Niall started fussing again so I ran fast, getting in another 2 miles before the boys lost it and I had to stop.

4.8 all together but I almost want to round up to 5, given all the extra curriculars I had to deal with!

But, yes. I do call that a run. At this point, I take what I can get :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Felice

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J said...

Quite the interesting run! Glad you didn't give up on the run and finished it off!!

Marlene said...

You should be able to round that up to 10 with all the fuss. :)

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Wil Travel said...

Hey, a run is a run is a run. It totally counts!

ajh said...

You are motivated to work so hard to get a run in!

The Turtle said...

That's more of a run than I did and I wasn't dealing with babies. Congrats on a great run.

carla said...

you should SEE whats called a run up in herre these days....and Im ok with it :)


Lindsay said...

LOL! "didn't even break a stride". you have a lot of patience - i may have been "find it yourself conal, i NEED to get my run in" ;)

yeah you can definitely round that up! running up the stairs to change diaper, finding hockey puck... yeah that counts!

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