Saturday, January 1, 2011

December recap.

Happy new year!!!

I rang in 2011 with some great girlfriends:

Our husbands were around, too, but we all make for a cuter photo :-)

This was the third year that we've had a new year's eve party at our house since moving in 2007 and I love being able to celebrate with good friends. It's just fun to end one year and start another surround by fun, happy people!

*     *     *

As 2010 ended so did the month of December, which happened to be one great month of running. Helped by warmish weather and my newfound friendship with the treadmill, I was able to run my highest mileage since September 2009.

No kidding! My highest monthly mileage in over a year. Writing that, I feel slightly ridiculous. Like, what was I doing October through January last year?

Who knows.

Anyway, this month I made time to run while also making time for fun things like, oh, Christmas. Speaking of which, did I ever show you Conal's masterpiece? No? Well, here's his gingerbread house, or, more accurately, his graham cracker house:

He loved that thing. Every day he was picking at the "siding" and by the time we tossed it, most of the m&ms were gone.

So, good clean fun. Now, back to the running. Here's how the month looked:

December stats:

Running (miles): 84.7
Cross-training (sessions): 4

Love it.

Now, bring on 2011. 

~ Felice


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Hi! I am new follower! COngrats on reaching your highest mileage of the year during Dec!

The gingerbread house looks delicious! I would eat the roof first for sure!

Suzy said...

Happy New Year Felice!

Anonymous said...

Great stats for December. Happy New Year :)

Have you checked out my giveaway?

J said...

Happy New Year!! Congrats on the high mileage month! That is awesome! The gingerbread house is so cute!

Unknown said...

It looks like you had a wonderful New Year's Party with great friends, how fun!
Nice job on your mileage for the month, keep it going for January!

run4may said...

i know what you were doing... having a baby.

Great job on upping the miles for the month of December. Keep it up

Marlene said...

The little graham cracker house is so cute! What a great idea for a mini version of the classes. Congrats on a steallar December and glad you had a nice holiday!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lindsay said...

m&m's, that conal - smart kid :)

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