Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doubling up and giving away.

Yesterday was one of those nutty days and for one reason (who happens to be 5 months old) or another (who happens to be 3 years and 9 months old) I couldn't squeeze in my planned run when I wanted to. And when I finally did, I had to stop after 2.25 miles (see reason #1).


Two and a quarter miles? That's hardly a run!

So what did I do? Well, stayed in my running gear, for starters. Then I nursed the bambino, made dinner, ate dinner, cleaned up, nursed the bambino again, put him to bed, put the preschooler to bed and then . . . hopped on the treadmill for a few more miles. I couldn't let the original run stand at just 2.25 when I had 7 on the schedule.

All together I managed to get in 5.7 miles. Not really the 7 I was hoping for but close enough in this world.

Today, I rest.

And share with you the word of my exciting new giveaway! Compression socks! You know you want 'em . . . Go, go, go!

Since we're on the topic of giveaways, here's my deal. I don't post any giveaways or reviews on this site. Instead, all of my giveaways, reviews, and information on good deals are posted on my companion site, Happy Runner Reviews. Almost all of the giveaways, etc., on that site are running related, but I do post some that are just items that would appeal to parents, who may or may not be runners. For example, I recently reviewed the Medela Breastmilk Labeling and Storage System.

I generally have about one giveaway a week over there (like the compression socks one going on now; the Rokit Fuel (yum!) giveaway just ended yesterday) so if you are interested in giveaways, reviews, deals, be sure to check Happy Runner Reviews often, or become a follower.

And on that note, I'm off. To not run.

Have a great day!

~ Felice


Marlene said...

Good for you getting back on to finish your run later in the day! Impressive!!

EndorphinBuzz said...

Nice way to squeeze it in! Keep up the determination!

KT80 said...

Wow! That's some impressive dedication! I find that if I stay in my clothes it helps to make sure that I will get back to my workout.

Lindsay said...

i am impressed. i don't know what i would do as a parent... i make enough excuses as it is! way to go felice!

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