Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rockin' 13.

Here's the thing: 13 hilly, outdoor miles are way easier than 12.5 on the treadmill.  Go figure . . . 

And, 13 miles that seem to fly by are even easier.

So, yeah. I had 13 pretty easy miles on Saturday. It was one of those runs that I would like to bottle. Can you do that? Bottle up a good run? Hmmm . . . maybe I'll work on that.

Anyway, I had 9 on the schedule for Saturday but I decided to run 13 because next Saturday, when my plan called for 13, I'm going to be too busy with life.

Aside from some very strong wind, the weather was perfect for a run -- mid-40s. I headed out right after nursing and putting my baby down for his morning nap. My goal was to run easy but strong, just going by feel. Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 10:00
Mile 2: 9:19
Mile 3: 8:54
Mile 4: 8:59
Mile 5: 9:20
Mile 6: 9:18
Mile 7: 9:02 (just before 7 miles I looked at my Garmin and was shocked that I was already halfway done with my run)
Mile 8: 9:46
Mile 9: 9:31
Mile 10: 9:36
Mile 11: 9:10
Mile 12: 9:32 (when I looked at my Garmin right after 12 miles I was disappointed that this run was so close to be over)
Mile 13: 9:07

Total: 2:01:33 / 9:22 min/mile

I could have gone faster. I could have gone farther. I could have pushed.

But I didn't. I just ran comfortably and it felt terrific! What a nice way to start a Saturday :-)

Like the mile repeats I've been doing, this is a run that I will call upon if I end up hitting a rough patch in my half marathon. I know I can go the distance. The question is how well.  The next four weeks will show me.

I feel like I should knock on wood -- repeatedly -- after writing this post. No jinxing, no jinxing!

On Sunday, I had to hit the treadmill for a quick little recovery run, which was just that. My legs feel good. I can tell I ran long (did I mention this was my longest run in, oh, about 7 years?) but that's it. No aches, no pains. All good.

A rockin' 13.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

~ Felice


Diana said...

Great! So glad you had a good run :)

Lauren @ mostly i run said...

If your training runs are this fast (and fun!), you're going to do great in that half!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

great run!! I agree that outside running is easier than treadmill running! :)

EndorphinBuzz said...

Great work! I'll take an outdoor run any day over the treadmill.

Britt said...

I just wanted to stand up & clap after reading that. Good job this weekend! Can I buy a bottle of that?

Unknown said...

you totally rocked that run. well done!

Suzy said...

Way to rock the run!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful 13! Next time add 0.1 miles on and add a medal at the end. :) Race time is almost here.

Marlene said...

I'm still trying to figure out a way to bottle those good runs. Congrats on a great 13!

J said...

We are mileage twins because I ran 13 this weekend too! Must have been the great weather outside because I enjoyed my run too! Totally need to find a way to bottle this type or run or figure out how to make it happen all the time!

RunToTheFinish said...

i love those amazing days where it just all falls in to place. so glad the training is going well!

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