Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mack truck hicks?

Apparently, people don't know who I am.

They land on my blog after searching terms like:

Mack trucks hicks
Sexy tennis ball runners
Veiny feet
Kara Goucher
Runners belly

Now, I may live in upstate New York but I am no hick. And, people, you've seen the hamhocks so "sexy tennis ball runners?" Nope, not here. Veiny feet? Perhaps . . . and I guess I have written about Kara on a few occasions so that one might make sense. But runners belly? Pregnant belly, post-baby belly -- sure, yeah, I've got all of that covered.

Strange what terms people search for, isn't it? Stranger still to see what lands them on my site. When I looked at my list of search terms on Google analytics it was mostly boring: The Happy Runner, Happy Runner, mom runner, 5K training plans . . . you get the picture.

But, mack truck hicks?

What exactly are mack truck hicks? And why does Google think people will find them on my blog?

And why again, when I searched for mack trucks did this image come up?

I mean, it is so 100% true but, huh. Mack trucks, eh?

(And, yes, I would like to use that female-designed novelty shopping cart when I do my grocery shopping. I believe it would ROCK.)

Anyway, checking out the search terms was my little diversion this morning. Got a blog? Go check out yours!

Speedwork on the schedule for tonight. Still without a treadmill but that's OK, I'm getting used to my rainy runs. Yesterday's run was another drizzly one, today probably will be, too. Sigh.

Happy Wednesday!

And remember:


~ Felice


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Imagine having ass in your blog name ;) lol. And yes the drawing on the right is more accurate of what I would want shoppinig! lol

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

LMAO..How do you check that??? I didn't know you could do that! I love, love, love that shopping cart idea!

Felice Devine said...

BWMFA -- HA! Oh, I bet you get tons of good ones!!

Annette -- I check it on Google Analytics. You have to sign up for it, but it is pretty interesting.

Rachel said...

All mine are pretty normal and then there's: real wife bj


Love the mack truck hicks...who even searches for that????

Jim ... 50after40 said...

That's so funny, I'm gonna check mine out right now!

Rachel said...

baahhhhhhh! This is hilarious. Hilarious. I love that you re-googled it too.

Cassandra said...

The internet is a weird information interstate....

What blows my mind is how many people read my blog on their phones. I mean seriously.............

Lauren said...

Haha ah Google.

The weirdest one on mine really isn't that weird at all... something about "runners hitting mental wall", so at least it is relative... All the rest are my blog's title or forms of the phrase "training/running plan"

J said...

I just checked mine - the first few were training plans and 15k training plans and then there was "biggest worm ever found"?! What? Crazy how people end up on the blog!

macnic said...

HAHA! Upstate NY is really nice (in most parts). I've got fond memories of driving through it quite a few times.

Marlene said...

Good luck in the Circle of Moms contest! I've been voting for my faves and of course you are one of them!

Lindsay said...

LOL! I love te random search terms. Lately I've been getting some for man boobs?!?!? Haha.

I have to guess the runners belly is from conals RW comment -- gotta show off the belly! ;)

Suzy said...

That is a hoot! I haven't had any good ones come up in a while on my blog. Some of them are doozies though.

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