Friday, August 5, 2011


Yes, indeed. Wednesday's run was just what I needed.

After that tough 12-miler on Monday, I did some cross-training on Tuesday and had an easy run on the schedule for Wednesday. I needed the run to be good. I didn't want to have to slog through some miles feeling tired. I wanted to recharge my run and make sure that the 12-miler wasn't ushering in any sort of slump.

Well, if a recharge was what I wanted, a recharge was what I got thanks to my pals Karyn and Danielle.

I haven't run with a friend in over a month so it was a treat to run with two friends. And the best was that they came to me and ran in my hilly 'hood! Thanks, ladies! You rocked that run!

An easy 4-miler made easier by company. Love it. Now, my mindset has been reset: Bring on tomorrow's long run!

Last night the recharge continued as I enjoyed margaritas with three good girlfriends. OK, Bridget and I enjoyed the margaritas, our girls Janis and Monique stuck with the Coronas. But they still had the spirit. Summer laughs. Summer fun.

That recharging run and night out were pretty important this week -- not just because of my cruddy run on Monday. My boys are still both suffering from this summer cold. Boo! Hiss! Day 5 today. Not a lot of fun in that. I'm hoping they turn the corner for real this weekend.

*     *     *

On a somewhat related, but not quite, note . . . I was invited to try out Recharge Natural Sports Drink Mix recently.

It's good! They use dehydrated fruit juice concentrate and other all-natural ingredients to make the powder and don't add any sugar (each tube of the powdered mix is only 10 calories). The sports drink is designed to replace vitamins and electrolytes lost while exercising.

When I use a sports drink, though, I look for a little more sodium than what is in Recharge because I'm a super salty sweater. So, I probably wouldn't use Recharge during a run but I have enjoyed drinking it earlier in the day before a tough run. And, my 4-year old loves the stuff. I try to keep him away from juice but I couldn't say no to him when he begged to try the stuff. He gave it two thumbs-up.

You can visit the web site HERE for more information.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. I've got a fast run on the schedule tonight, long tomorrow and a (yay!) dinner party tomorrow night.

And, oh yeah, an anniversary on Sunday!

Keep cool --

~ Felice

Review disclosure: I was sent samples of Recharge to review. I was not otherwise compensated and the opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


Being Robinson said...

a good run and some good margaritas usually do the trick! glad you got your recharge on ;)

Erin @ createorgocrazy said...

I had a fantastic 5 mile "recharge" run on Wednesday. I've been wilting in this heat, and that run reminding me that I CAN do this and I AM a runner. It's funny what a great run can do for the soul!

Julie D said...

Hope the long run went well!

Anonymous said...

It's good!The sports drink is designed to replace vitamins and electrolytes lost while exercising.
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