Monday, August 1, 2011

12 tough miles and July recap.

I've been away. It was just a three-day weekend on the Great Sacandaga Lake but it was a really nice time with my whole family -- a relaxing mini-vacation. Since we were away, though, I knew I wasn't going to be able to get my long run in. (I did sneak out for a fast 4-miler.) Fortunately, Owen had today off so I planned to run 12 miles in the morning.

Well. Those miles sucked.

First some background. The camp we stayed at in Sacandaga was built by my great-grandfather and now belongs to my dad's aunt and uncle. It's basically two rooms: A living area with a semi-enclosed kitchen on one side and an enclosed sleeping porch that extends around two other sides of the living area. So, yes. Everyone who stays in the camp sleeps in one big L-shaped room.

Doesn't make for good sleep when two babies are involved.

Yeah, I didn't really get much sleep on Friday or Saturday. Didn't matter. We had a great time, sleep or no sleep:

My sister taking Conal for a swim out in the lake.
Conal and me on the floating raft.
Hanging out.
My muddy baby. Yes, he was eating sand.
Last night, I was looking forward to some great sleep, since it would be in my own bed.

Nope. The baby was sick and up all night. My plan for my 12-miler had been to head out around 7-7:30 when Niall woke up for the day. Yeah, didn't happen. After Niall threw up all over his crib -- fun! -- I didn't really sleep much at all. So, I waited to go for my run until 8:45 after putting him down for a morning nap.

The nap was great. The run was not.

Holy cow. I haven't had a run like that in ages. I felt like crud the whole time, had to walk several times and almost stopped completely just before 6 miles. The hills got me. The heat got me. The lack of sleep got me.

But what got me the most was my attitude. I told myself this was a sucky run and so it was. I couldn't shake the internal sucky run commentary, no matter how much I tried. So annoying. And that is what really got me. I can run hills. I can run in the heat. I can run on no sleep. But when I tell myself the run sucks? Yup, it does.

Oh, well. 12 miles. 9:59 pace. Done.

And now, a look back at July.

July stats:

Running: 90.4 miles
Racing: 1 -- 15K PR at the Boilermaker!
Out of town runs: 5 -- Long Island, New Jersey, Sacandaga
Cross training: 6 sessions with Jillian Michaels

I'm pleased with July. It's good to be back over 90 miles for the month and my PR at the Boilermaker was awesome! Overall, my training for September's half marathon is going well. For August, I hope to keep up with my training plan, get in some strong long runs and keep giving my body a break with the cross training. I'll cut that out in September but for now I think it is helping to build strength for the race.

And now? I hope to get some sleep. That's really all this running mama wants out of life. Just a little sleep.

Have a great week, everyone!

~ Felice


Carlee said...

Those kinds of runs are just tough, but they make the good ones soooo much better! Here's to a great next run :).

J said...

Hope you can get some sleep! Does not sound like a fun run, but they happen every once in a while. Definitely help us to appreciate the good ones!

Tami mommy of Ten said...

I really hope you get some sleep! It is great that you got out there.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

What a great story on the history of the camp! Looks like some fun family time! On the tough run - at least you didn't quit - you got it done!

Marlene said...

Glad you had a great weekend away - looks like fun!

Bummer on the tough run, but way to push through and get it done.

Tricia said...

july looks great!

Anonymous said...

1- the baby is soooo big now!

2- looks like a great July to me :)

Lindsay said...

That actually sounds kinda fun, though maybe not with baby-babies. Still a solid 12-miler despite the "quality" sleep and (I'm sure) heat.

Laura said...

For me the sucky runs make me appreciate the good ones and that helps my attitude when things do get rough..

Katelyn @ FitMomofTwo said...

Good job on getting out there and getting it done, sometimes it's harder mentally than physically to get through a run when you just want to go back to bed! I use counting back from 100 to distract myself from how much longer I have left and it works most of the time.

Suzy said...

My mom's camp is like that...we almost all sleep in the same room (mom and her SI have a room to themselves). It isn't the same as sleeping at home. I'm glad you finished the 12 miler. We all have runs we want to quit and it says a lot that you didn't!

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