Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh, blister!

Confession time: Whenever some otherwise tough major league ball player would be sidelined by a blister, I would scoff. So-and-so has a blister on the index finger of his pitching hand and will miss his next start. Yeah, that would be me, scoffing. What a wimp! Missing a start because of a little blister???

I take it all back.

And then some.

Blisters. Man, they suck. And I had no idea how much until now.

Sure, I've had a blister here and there over the years. But never, ever, ever have I had any blisters that have come even remotely close to being as painful as the one that is only slowly healing on my poor second toe on my right foot.

Holy cow.

Who knew a blister could hurt so much? OK, maybe a lot of people knew but I sure didn't. But, wow, yikes. It's a lot of pain. At this point in my half-marathon training, the last thing I need is an injury. The highly annoying blister forced me to take two days off. It caused me to alter my normal walking gait. And it is threatening to drive me crazy for real.

The blister surrounds the nail on my second toe. Yes, it is slowly getting better but that is only after a week of pain. I've tried everything that I can think of -- and that I was able to read about on Dr. Google -- and this thing is just hanging on and on.

On Monday, I was cursing it like nobody's business, wishing it was practical to cut the whole toe off because it was so painful. I couldn't run and felt like I could hardly walk. Unfortunately, I know that I changed the way I walked on Monday and Tuesday so my stupid blister ended up causing some secondary knee pain. Great. 

Yesterday, I tried it out on a short run and it felt OK but after the run the blister was huge.

Sigh. I really hope I'm not battling the blister for the whole fall. And I really, really, really hope it doesn't interfere with my half marathon.

Do you have any tried-and-true tips for dealing with blisters? 

Thanks in advance.

And now I'll leave you with this article about an inspiring runner:

Have a great day! Hope your runs are blister-free.

~ Felice


Marlene said...

Yikes! Not a fan of blisters at all and fortunately I don't get them often. Sorry I don't have any advice... I hope it heals quick!!

macnic said...

Boo! I get them all the time on my arches and now have them all hard and perfect. My only advise it to let it turn into a callus. When running with blisters, I put vaseline on in huge globs and wear two pairs of socks. It seems to work. Good luck.

Finallyfit2011 said...

Oh man I am soooo with you! I incurred a fabulous sized blister last Friday on my 1st trail run - booo :( I wasn't able to run again until yesterday!

Got some good advice to use "moleskin"???sp?? Hope that thing heals up quick for you!!!

Bridget said...

You can do what I do - and just peel it off! HA!

RachelF said...

Mine don't start healing until I sterilize a needle with rubbing alcohol, poke a small hole and drain them. Then they finally start drying up.

Anonymous said...

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Felice Devine said...

Rachel -- that's the problem with this one. I've done that several times and almost immediately after I do, the blister fills back up again. I've never had any blister like it!

Anna said...

I get a blister in the exact same spot every time I run. I've tried all kinds of socks, BodyGlide, different shoes and nothing works to prevent it. If you find the secret, let me know! Band-Aid has a good blister bandage that relieves a lot of the pain after you get one and they stay on pretty well during a run.

Suzy said...

Mine always fill back up if I drain them with a needle. I have no advice because I have been getting blisters under blisters under blisters. They are painful. Take care.

Alice's Blog said...

I had some huge problems with huge blisters and I had to take long breaks from my workouts, until I realized that my running shoe insoles did the trick. I changed it from an old pair of shoes that felt comfortable and used dri-fit socks and the problem disappeared. Good luck!

Robbie-Lynn said...

Hi I a have had blisters on both of my second toes and have now lost both toenails. What helps me are toe sleeves. They are small silicon caps that you put over your sore toe. It is heaven. No pain and the bolster can heal.

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