Friday, October 28, 2011

Five things Friday.

1. The snow hit us early this year. This is the scene from my front door this morning:

And here's my little goofball, getting in on the photo action:

We got about TWO INCHES of snow. Wet, heavy snow. Conal is excited. Me? Not so much. But if there is one thing I've learned in all my years, it's that complaining about the weather is not only boooooooring, it is fruitless. You simply cannot control or change the weather. So, snow it is. Too early, but it is what we have. Let's hope it melts quickly!

2. I was not up for running in the snow last night so I hit the treadmill and ran some repeats. 6 x 400 at 7:12 pace. And I only had to hop off twice to console my crying toddler! Win!

3. Yesterday, I had a GREAT doctor's appointment. I am trying out a holistic practice and so far, so good. The nurse I met with yesterday was considerate, took her time with me, asked lots of questions, and seemed very understanding and knowledgeable. I'm hopeful!

4. I'm running a 10K in two weeks so I need to break out of my 4-5 mile rut. That's about all I've been doing since the half marathon. Pick it up, Happy Runner!

5. If you haven't entered my Rudi's Organic Bakery giveaway yet, please do! You can check it out HERE.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I have another giveaway coming up this weekend so be sure to check back.

~ Felice


Indi said...

Its pretty..but yeah so not ready for snow anytime soon!
Good luck in getting ready for the 10k!

Marlene said...

SNOW?! Ack! Our cars were FROSTY this morning but no white stuff yet. Won't be long, I'm sure...

Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

....SNOW?! I am so not ready for this. Yikes.

Lindsay said...

Gross! It still hits the 70s here which is perfectly fiiiine by me!

Jessica said...

When I see pics like that one, I'm really, really glad I live near San Diego! Snow is beautiful, but only really useful to me if I have a sled handy!

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