Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My little guy's birthday has come and gone. He's no longer "almost 1." He's a full-fledged 1 year-old!

We had a party with some of our terrific friends and family, and then my SIL from Mississippi and her family came up for a visit. We rarely get to see them so it was a real treat. While they were here, we toured a working farm about 45 minutes south of where I live. Horses, cows, acres of vegetables -- it was pretty cool.

We even rode in the back of a pickup truck:

That's me and the little birthday boy riding in the truck!
I got in a run on Saturday and one on Monday and since they both felt pretty good, I'm hoping I'm back. I don't want to bore everyone with my Lyme disease tribulations so I'll just say this: I am no longer accepting my symptoms. Instead, I am channeling my inner Marshall Ulrich who, while running across country and facing a debilitating foot injury decided not to accept the foot pain. As he writes in his book Running on Empty:

The morning after my MRI in Colorado, I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at my fat foot, so swollen it felt alien to me . . .
Turning to Heather, I disowned my foot. Instead of embracing the pain, I rejected it completely.
'This foot doesn't belong to me anymore. It doesn't fit in with who I am, what I'm trying to do, or where I'm going. This is not my foot.'

That's my deal. My symptoms don't fit in with who I am or what I am trying to do. I will continue to take supplements and do the right thing but I will reject the pain completely. So, there.

*     *     *

In the midst of partying and running and pickup truck riding, I also had that little Go Band giveaway going on. And, yuppers, I picked a winner.

Congratulations, Mackenzie from Wealth is Health!  Email me (felicehalf at yahoo dot com) with your address so I can send you your Go Band! You'll LOVE it, I am sure!

I know it is already Wednesday but I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm in post-party, post-house guests catch up mode! Watch out . . . 

~ Felice


Julie D said...

Interesting way of thinking about pain in the body. Probably need to read this book at some point!

Marlene said...

I hope that works out for you - attitude and strength of mind can go a LONG way!

Being Robinson said...

happy birthday to your little man, he is adorable! and i think you have a fantastic attitude, you seem to have great perspective on it.

Sabrina Hayes said...

Mind over matter. That takes serious stones when you're in pain. Don't over do it though.

I have "Running on Empty" on my Kindle. I have a few books in the queue ahead of it. Do you recommend that I push it to the top?

Happy Birthday, Little Dude!!!

Falon said...

Wow. Powerful. I think I need to read that book. Oh and you and your baby are adorableeeee.

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