Monday, October 31, 2011

White Halloween?

Happy Halloween!

After the freak snow on Thursday -- this is what we woke up to Sunday morning:

Yup, lots of snow. Fortunately, Sunday was a warm-ish and sunny so we were all able to be outside a lot and actually enjoy the crazy October snow. And, even more fortunately, lots and lots of the snow melted.

But, not before Owen and Conal made a cute Jack O'Snowman:

He lasted maybe a hour or two and then he melted and the poor Jack O'Lantern that they had carved came crashing down and smashed into pieces. Bummer.

Today, we have the Halloween parade and party at preschool and then trick-or-treating and pizza with friends this evening. We've been getting together on Halloween with the same group for three years or so and it has become a nice little tradition.

What isn't a tradition, however, is having snow on Halloween. White Halloween? That's a little weird. But, it's all cool. Conal has informed me that the roads and front walks are all clear of snow, so we shouldn't have any problem trick-or-treating. He's pretty excited about Halloween this year because he knows what to expect a little more than he did last year.

He was also really excited about being "Boo'ed" by a friend then and "Boo'ing" one of our neighbors. Saturday evening we were Boo'ed -- one of Conal's little pals dropped off a bag of goodies, rang the doorbell, and ran. This was our first time being Boo'ed so it was all new to my little guy. Yesterday, we made up a Boo bag and walked up the hill to one of our neighbor/friend's house and Conal was giddy the whole way. When we got to their house, we set the bag in front of their door and Conal did a great job ringing and running.

I just hope I haven't set him up for a future of pranking. Yikes!

Anyway, it was a nice weekend and we're looking forward to a fun day.

Do you have fun Halloween plans? 

Enjoy the day! And remember to enter my Rudi's Organic Bakery giveaway if you haven't already. It ends tonight!

~ Felice 


Unknown said...

never heard of this 'boo-ing' tradition, but it sounds like fun for the kids!

Marlene said...

"Boo"ing sounds like such a fun and positive idea!

White Halloween?! Ack.... can't believe all that snow already. Jack O'Snowman was pretty cool while he lasted, though.

Have fun today!

J said...

I don't know how you guys got so much snow and it completely missed us?! Have fun with Halloween tonight! This will be my fist year with trick o' treaters! In the past I have always lived in a place where kids don't go around because we lived on a main road with a long driveway. Now that we live in a development with lots of neighbors it should be fun!

Nicole said...

Happy Halloween! We've never "boo'd" anyone or been "boo'd" sounds fun! May have to try that next year. We are going ToT'ing at my parents, since they live one town over it's the only way they get to see the girls in costume. Have fun tonight!

Laura said...


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