Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sport Science review.

Two things about running shirts:

1. After a few runs, no matter what*, mine start to stink.

2. Tech fabrics are awesome but, you know what? Sometimes it feels good to run in an old, worn-in cotton t-shirt.

Sport Science sent me one of their t-shirts that promises to a) not stink and b) feel like a friendly, old cotton t-shirt. Sounds good, right?

And it was! They sent me the Smarter Women's V-neck long sleeve dri-fit shirt in heather sky:

I went for a size medium and it fit, for the most part. I am one of those people who has trouble with tops. Generally, if a top fits well in the chest/trunk, it is too small in the shoulders and arms. I guess I have broad shoulders and long arms. Such a drag . . . 

The Sport Science top fit perfectly in the shoulders. The seams sat right where they should. Yay! But, the arms were a tad short and the overall fit was a little loose. A good loose, though. And I should add that the length was great. For someone with shorter arms, the shirt would probably fit just right.

So, that's the fit. How was it to run in? I'd say it was really good! I've worn the top a few times, including for the Winter Marathon Relay and both of my recent 18-milers. The material is soft and comfy and I have not had a stitch of chafing from the top. I sweat like crazy while running and the shirt has fine wicking ability.

Here I am in the top, finishing my leg of the Winter Marathon Relay.
The big question is, does the shirt stink? So far, no. I've worn it about a half-dozen times and probably washed it each time within a day or two of wearing it. And so far it still smells as it did when I got it.

Overall, I like the top and I'm happy to have it in my shirt rotation. The shirt that I tried is available for $28. Sport Science has lots of other tops that you can find HERE. Check them out! If you like a cotton t-shirt feel with technology to wick your sweat, these shirts might just be for you!

Have you tried Sport Science tops? What did you think of them?

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Felice

Review disclosure: I was sent a top to review but was not otherwise compensated and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

* Yes, I've tried all the tricks. The special sports wash -- didn't work. Vinegar added to the wash -- worked on a few things, but hasn't worked lately. Washing my running gear as soon as possible after wearing -- didn't seem to make a difference. I believe the stench is simply embedded in the tech fabric. Yuck. 


Anonymous said...

I honestly thought I was crazy and thought all of my tech stuff reeked. It just has a certain... smell to it; its just odd. Glad you found a shirt that works though, I'm going to give them a look!

How is the length of the shirt? I always have a problem with boxy shirts, I believe that I should be able to fix my hair without flashing the neighborhood!

Lisa said...

I've never had an issue with tech shirts, but if I feel like something a little more snug and comfy it's good to know about Sport Science... never heard of them before.

So I know you said you've tried all the tricks, but I can't help asking. Have you ever tried Oxyclean? I found the special sports wash actually makes my clothes smell even more funky, but I love Oxyclean. It's good for stains too.

Felice Devine said...

Lisa -- You know, I haven't tried Oxyclean. I'll have to look for that. It is probably the one thing I haven't tried!! Thanks!

Mickiruns -- The length was great. I agree about not wanting to flash everyone and I don't think you would in this shirt.

Laura said...

Love the look of the shirt! I do what I can to ensure my stuff is clean..if it stinks while I am into a workout..well so be it. When it just gets too rank then its a tosser.

KT80 said...

I don't just add vinegar to the wash, but actually have a bucket for a vinegar soak. Every once in a while the workout clothes just sit in the vinegar before they get washed.

Felice Devine said...

KT80 -- the vinegar SOAK is a great idea. I've never tried that, I've only just added the vinegar to the wash. I'll have to soak some of my tops. Thanks!

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