Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Running motivation 6.

It has been a while since I posted a new running motivation. So, here you go!

Look at that! Even Buddha can inspire runners ;-)

Go do what you'll be!

~ Felice

PS: You can find more running motivation HERE.


Neon Blonde Runner said...

Live in the NOW!

This is so important and I work hard to force myself to think this way, it is liberating!

Michelle @ www.movinitwithmichelle.com said...

LOVE this! Thanks!

Abbie Anderson said...

Good food for thought. I'm always loving inspiring quotes. I love love your site. I’m putting together a huge giveaway in conjunction with a novel about a runner. We’ve received some amazing sponsors for our giveaway and hoping you will be a part of it. Our idea is to promote our book and the products as well as your blog. Hopefully a win win for everyone involved. I sent you an email with more details. If you didn’t receive it please email me at bubcoats@hotmail.com.

Unknown said...


Jill said...

I just found your blog! Awesome! I completed my first Ragnar Relay in Feb, first mud run in April and looking to do a half marathon the end of this year poss early next. I'll be following you from now on! Keep on Runnin'!!!

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