Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just run.

We were away this past weekend, enjoying the summer with family at Sacandaga Lake.



Greedy ducks!
It was a great weekend that even involved two good runs.

The first was a quick 4-miler. The next was odd for me. About a quarter mile into my run, my Garmin died. Well, the battery ran out. No charge.

I'm not familiar with distances where we were so I had no way of knowing how far I was running. I did have my phone, though, so when my Garmin went dead I looked at the time on my phone and figured I'd look at the time when I was done, so I could have some sort of idea of time, at least.

I ran down one road to an intersection then turned around and ran to another. Then, back to the camp.

Checked the time: 54 minutes. Maybe a tad less.

No idea of distance.

Of course, being as weekly-mileage obsessed as I am, I tracked the distance when I got home. 6.2 miles. About 8:43 pace. Not bad for an unknown run.

Maybe I should run Garmin-free all the time!

Do you run faster when you just run? I think I might.

~ Felice


Goddess Librarian said...

I think I have a tendency to be garmin-obsessed while I run. I'll see my pace when I start out and think there's no way I'll keep it up & slow down when maybe i didn't need to. I'm too statistics-obsessed to run naked all the time, but I probably should force myself to do it every once in a while. If I ever start running again.

Anonymous said...

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