Thursday, February 7, 2013

Touch and Go (review).

Holy cow.

I just finished reading Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner and . . . holy cow. What a book. What a crazy thriller of a book.

I don't read many thrillers. I've stated before that I tend to read, well, running books mostly. And the last book I read was Here I Go Again, 180-degrees from Touch & Go.

Apparently, I've been missing out. The thriller, it seems, is where its at.

I loved this book. So much, that I read it at night, right before bed, when I really had no business reading such a thriller-to-the-point-of-being-almost-scary book.

Yes, this book sucked me in right from the start.

I won't give away too much of the story because most of the enjoyment comes from turning the page and learning something new. But, the book takes place in Boston and New Hampshire and centers on a crime and the subsequent investigation that unfolds over the course of the book. It is told from the vantage points of a wealthy wife, Libby Denbe; a private investigator, Tessa Leoni; and Wyatt, a New Hampshire sheriff.

Of course, everyone has their secrets and they are doled out a little here, a little there.

The book is quite the page-turner and, really, I had a hard time putting it down. As a testament to the suck-me-in factor, I've already requested a few of Lisa Gardner's other books from the library. I'm hooked.

My one little complaint with the book is that it really lost steam toward the end and I was disappointed with how some of the loose ends were tied up. But, overall, I enjoyed it and, as I said, will be going back for more!

Do you read thrillers? Who is your favorite author?

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ajh said...

Love thrillers, lots of favorite authors. A popular one right now is Gone Girl.

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