Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 happy racing!

This year, I'm running several of the same races that I ran last year, but I'm also including a destination race that I've never run. I love destination races! This will be the third year in a row that I'm traveling for a half or full marathon. In 2012 I ran the New Jersey marathon and the ZOOMA Cape Cod half marathon, last year was the More/Fitness half marathon in NYC. This year, I'm heading to Boston for the Run to Remember half marathon. Can't wait!

Right now, that's my main race, but I'm planning on several others. Here's a look at my 2014 race schedule:

January: New Year's Day 3.5 miler (done!)

February: nothing

March: Runnin' of the Green (Island) 4-miler

April: nothing

May: Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon

June: Valleycats 5K

July: nothing formal but I would like to run some of the HMRRC summer track series races

August: Clove Run 10-miler

September: Youth Make a Difference 5K

October: Mohawk-Hudson River Half Marathon

November: possibly the Rockville Centre 10K

December: HMRRC winter series

Nope, not planning on the Boilermaker this year. I just like this photo of me crossing the finish line. It was a tough race for me that year. I was happy I didn't give up.

Quite the manageable schedule, I'd say. I have a few time goals in mind for some of the races, including a strong, strong desire to hit new PRs for the half marathon and the 5K.

Once the Old Man Winter hits the road (soon? please?), I'll feel more like gearing up for these 2014 races. Until then my running mileage will remain lower than usual and take a bit of a backseat to cross training. And I'm perfectly OK with that because -- as I learned last year -- periods of low mileage and rest are important.

So, that's the schedule. I hope to see some of you at some starting lines this year. Hit me up if you're running any of these races!

Thanks for reading --


Anonymous said...

What about the Freihoffer's Run for Women?

Darlene said...

Yeah, what about Freihofer's??

I signed up for Runnin of the Green.

Felice Devine said...

No FRW for me this year. It is the weekend after the half marathon in Boston. Knowing my body, two races in a row is too much.

Bridget said...

What about Wineglass?

Bridget said...

And Philly?

Bridget said...

And the Turkey Trot?

Felice Devine said...

They didn't make the cut, Bridget. If I'm around for Thanksgiving, I'll probably do the Turkey Trot but I think the others are out.

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