Friday, April 11, 2014

Random rock star.

When you run 12 solo miles on a random Thursday morning, you feel like a rock star.

True story.

See, it happened to me so I write from experience. Here's what happened: I had 12 miles on the schedule for this weekend. But, as it happens, I have a party to go to Saturday night so I wasn't thrilled about running long that morning -- and I definitely didn't want to run long on Sunday morning!

My Thursday morning was open. My little guy is in school for 2.5 hours and I had no plans. Run, Happy Runner, run! 12 miles would only take 2 hours so the 2.5 hour time slot would be plenty.  Just do it, Happy Runner, just do it!

I listened to that prodding internal voice and decided to go for it. I dropped my son off at school and headed right out -- with a little flair!
Still love those socks!

Anyway . . . I wanted to run a nice easy pace for the 12 miles. No pressure. I ran over mail roads and hilly country roads. I passed a dead bird, two dead squirrels and -- this was extra gross -- a dead deer.

I also passed by a woman out for a walk. She was older, maybe 70, 75, and was pushing one of those walker things that was, in turn, carrying her oxygen tank. Run, Happy Runner, run! I have NO desire (does anyone?) to end up like that. None whatsoever. Running past her, I felt a little weird. There I was, running free while she was tethered to her oxygen.

Clearly, I will keep running. If it does nothing else for me, I'm sure it is doing good for my lungs!

I also tried out a new gel on this run:

A few weeks ago, Janis let me try a Honey Stinger when we were out for a run. It was good. I've had problems with gels during my half marathons so I'm looking for something new. When Janis bought a larger supply of them last week, she offered some up to me and I gladly took them. Yesterday, I tried taking them at miles 5 and 10.

I like the taste. They taste like what they are -- vanilla and honey. Yum! And, fortunately, they didn't bother my stomach. Granted, I wasn't running fast but it was a good trial. I plan to try them out again on my next long run, or maybe a faster run so I can see how they'll work on half marathon day!

Now, let's get back to the random Thursday run. I finished with 12 miles in 1:54, or about 9:30 per mile.

I walked back to my son's school and waited to pick him up, and then we sped home so I could shower, we could eat a little lunch, and we could head over to volunteer in my first-grader's classroom.

As I helped the kids make butter and squeeze orange juice for 2.5 hours, I seriously felt like a rock star. Random Thursday. 12 miles. Still standing to work with a bunch of crazy 6 and 7 year olds.

Yup, rock star.

And now, my weekend is much freer. I like it. I really do.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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