Monday, August 8, 2011

As fast as me?

Even though I already wrote about Saturday's run, I have to rewind and tell you about Friday.

Not necessarily the run itself, which was great -- speedwork in the evening, hit quarter-mile repeats all at right around 1:30 (6min/mi pace) -- but something that happened afterward.

When I got back from my run, no one was home. Owen had taken the boys to go pick up a pizza for dinner (yay for Friday night pizza!) so I cooled off for a bit and waited for them. I changed out of my super sweaty clothes into dry ones, but was still wearing my running shoes when the guys got home. And since I had done speedwork, I was wearing my speedy sneaks.


Yeah, Conal likes to ham it up . . .

Anyway, so I was wearing those speedsters and when Conal got home and saw them he asked, "Why are you wearing those running shoes?"

"Because I they're my fast running shoes," I answered.

"Did you run fast tonight?"

"Yup, I did. I ran really fast."

"As fast as me?"

I had to smile. "I think so, Conal. I think I might have run as fast as you."

He thought about that for a second and then gave me a little head nod. I get the feeling he wasn't entirely convinced that I actually ran as fast as he does but that's OK. I like a runner with confidence and Conal surely has that; he tells me all the time how fast he is.

And truth is, it probably won't be all that long until I'm not running as fast as him.


So, have a great week, everyone. Run as fast as Conal!

~ Felice


Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

Love this post. Those shoes are nice...and I do think you run really super fast!!! Conal could probably kick my butt as well!!!!

Casey said...

love!! i can't wait til my girls are old enough to run with me!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I have a feeling that my littlest guy will be the one to (finally) out run me...and I'm looking forward to that!

J said...

Conal is getting so big! Love those shoes - the orange is awesome!

Quix said...

Super cute!!! And your loud sneaks are awesome too. One of these days I'll get speedy sneaks, but I spend so dang much on my biking lately one pair of super cushy Asics will have to suffice! :)

Cynthia O'H said...

My youngest is the same. He always thinks my running shoes are going to be as fast as he is. In ten years, I hope they still are:)

Suzy said...

Great post! My kids remind me all the time that I am the slowest in the family. Truth be told, I'm just happy they like running.

lindsay said...

Conal is a ham. (and a brave one to embrace your running shoes!) ;) I hope you will get to run/race with him for many, many years!!

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