Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jogging stroller mama.

I broke down and did it: I bought a jogging stroller.

I am now that runner.

How strange.

I never had one when Conal was a baby and I haven't had one for the first 10 months with Niall. But now, here I am. The owner of a jogging stroller. Or running stroller. Whatever. I have one of those things.

And I, um, well . . . I love it.

Sure, I've only taken it out for two measly runs and pushing a 21lb baby plus the stroller up the hills of my 'hood is tough. But, I still love it. Love that I have now opened myself up to a whole new world of running the three mornings a week that Conal will be in school. Big stuff, I know.

And check out how happy my little guy is about it:

Ready for a run!
The best part? This frugal runner picked up the in-great-condition Jeep stroller for $50 at a consignment sale.

It looks like it was hardly used so, yeah, good for me. 

It's a whole new world. 

Fellow jogging stroller mamas: Got any tips, tricks, favorite (local) places to run?

Have a great day!

~ Felice

PS: I have been meaning to mention that I have a new book review up at BlogHer. This one is for The Kid by Sapphire. It's the sequel to Push, the book she wrote that was made into the movie Precious. Interested? Check out my review . . . the book was tough. To say the least. 


Katie said...

I LOVE my jogger too. When I push E, I rotate which are is guiding the stroller. I only push it with one and let the other arm pump away as usual. It helps give you some balance.

ALSO, I love trying to do some faster speed breaks in the run. E loves the faster run and I've noticied that after doing those for a while, I'm MUCH faster when I'm not pushing him.

Have fun!! Welcome to the world of "those moms" :)

J said...

There are two mommas to be in my running club and they both are getting joggers! I think its awesome! Definitely a great purchase!

Marlene said...

Oh how awesome, and what a deal!!! I see many runs in yours and Niall's future!

Casey said...

If I didn't have a jogger, I would be really crabby!! I love it and so do the girls! Takes away the guilt of leaving them behind!

Casey said...

great book review, btw. i don't think i can handle it, though!

BranDee @ Kickin up dirt said...

I just recently started running again and last week purchased a new Bob jogging stroller. The first time it was used was in a 2 mile race last saturday where my girls wanted to run...it was great! My 3 year old loved it and kept wanting me to "go faster" but had to keep the pace of my 8 year old! Look forward to many more runs with it...

Suzy said...

Welcome to the world of jogging strollers. They are awesome and it is bittersweet when the kids are too big to ride in them.

Anonymous said...

I've never run with one, but am always impressed when I'm out running and run by the moms and dad pushing their kids along as they run. It looks hard!

174 Wifey said...

Just found your site- really cool! I couldn't live without my jogging stroller (a BOB)- got it when our twins were a month old and have used it almost every day. I just started a blog on running/walking spots that are scenic, off-road or otherwise interesting where jogging strollers can roll- hope to get a good database going. Would love to know of your fave spots or trails in upstate NY...my blog is www.bobbingacrossamerica.com

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